Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well, well, well

So the trip to the dentist ended out eventful. Diagnosis: I need two teeth pulled and the rest are in serious need of a deep cleaning. Considering the mess I got into the last time I had a tooth pulled, I am not in a big hurry to have that done. In fact, I suggested July, I didn't tell the dentist, I am thinking possibly July of 2015, or 2016.....no, I will have it done. Honestly, one of them has bugged me forever. It had a filling that ran down the side of my tooth, the filling has a hook on it and I catch my dental floss on it all the time. My periodontist tried to get my then dentist to redo the filling, and my then dentist would say there was nothing wrong with it. My new dentist thinks the filling is lying just right so it is contributing to the bone loss that goes along with the periodontal disease. Oh, and then they wanted to know if I wanted to see about an implant for that tooth......it would just be $2400 for MY PART--AFTER the insurance, uh no, I will live just as long and die just as happy without that particular tooth in my mouth. Ok, now here's the deal, maybe $2400 isn't really, really crazy for a tooth, but let's think about this. If I have one implant, what happens when the day comes that they say, "the bone is too far gone, it's time to pull them", which in my case, is likely to happen. I have 25 other teeth---see where I am going with this.....25x $2400, no way. So......the other part of the visit was setting up a time for a root planing. Valentine's Day, happy day. Yep, instead of roses I am getting my gums dug out. Thrill a minute. But wait.....there's more!

Andrew calls me this afternoon, he has been to the doctor, he has an umbilical hernia. Now, this is where I totally loose the "Wife of the Year" award. He came to me several weeks ago and said he thought he had a problem. His belly button had went from being an "inny" to an "outty". Andrew has put on a few pounds and I thought it was just weight redistribution. I was wrong so now, we are heading for surgery. 

What a day, what a day........

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