Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas didn't quite go as I had planned this year but it was still good. Due to my recent UC flare, dinner ended up being at Mom's. As much as I hated all of it to happen at the last minute, I have to say it was really nice to just enjoy it. 

We opened presents on Christmas eve, since Christmas was on Sunday and so we added going to church in the festivities for Christmas morning. I think everyone was happy with their presents. Andrew and I basically had a list from black Friday so we knew what we were getting. Robert had a list too but had a couple of things thrown in as surprises. It was good.

Sunday evening, we took Nila and Richard to see the house at T-town, that was about it for our big excitement of Christmas. Sometimes, quite and small is just not a bad thing.

I made most of my Christmas presents this year, as well as my Christmas cards. After I had started the cards, I found a million more ideas and have plenty of inspiration for next year. I think making the things for other people is my favorite part of Christmas so as long as my health holds out, I plan to do the same next year.
Here is a sampling of the presents:

Etching mugs, LOVED how this turned out!

Shadowboxes with jingle bells and vinyl cut with the Cricut.

Mugs, soaps and lip balms for coworkers.

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