Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So, at the prompting of one of my coworkers I am spending my lunch hour updating my blog.

I told her that I really needed to do 4 blog posts, that's how far behind I am.

Anyway, I will get one finished, about the infamous, wonderful, mischievous cat named Gibbs.

Gibbs came into our lives on a rainy Sunday afternoon, August 10th to be exact. Garrett and Robert were out for a Sunday afternoon ride when they saw this little blob in the middle of the road. When Garrett got stopped, Robert jumped out to see what it was. They were assuming a baby squirrel. It ended out being a little kitten, soaking wet, and smack dab in the middle of the road.

Since we have never had cats, and Andrew was supposed to be allergic, Robert called my mom, aka a cat lady. He called me and said he was taking the kitten to Nana's. I told him I would go with him. When he walked in the door with this little blue-gray kitten all wrapped in a towel, I was in love.

I wanted to keep him but as mentioned above, figured it would have to be a choice between the hubs and the cat, well, that's a no-brainer. So we get him to Mom's and Mom says she doesn't know what she will do with him, that he is not going to stay in the house, all her other kittens are outside. Andrew at that point told me if I wanted to keep him, keep him; that honestly made my mom happy as well.

About two months ago, we had a stray full grown cat. The dogs went ballistic while he was there so we took him to a friend who has a big farm and lots of room. I was really leery of how the girls would react to the kitten.Lizzie took to him immediately and is very protective. Chris thinks he is an annoyance, especially since he figured out that she had nipples that must of reminded him a lot of his own mom. He only tried that once.

Anyway, I named him Gibbs because well, if you don't watch NCIS, I might worry about you, but I love Gibbs on NCIS, and he is also Gray headed. Gibbs on the show is tough and street smart when he has to be, but yet just a good guy with an air of confidence about him that is just very becoming. My Gibbs is all of those things as well, hence the name.

We went to see the vet on the 13th, got his first shots and found out that he was around 4 weeks old.

That makes him around 6 weeks old today. He has grown a lot. He is faithful about using the potty box and this morning when I cleaned the potty box, I got a clump that was way too big for Gibbs, so I think Liz has decided to use the potty box too, that would sure beat those mornings she wants to go out at 3 a.m.

I told on facebook, I bought him a collar Saturday, I thought it was too big though and took it back off, Monday, he went TWICE and got it and brought it to me, I said I guess the dogs told him he had to have a collar to belong. He had a bath Sunday night, which apparently will help Andrew's issues with him, though Andrew has been around the cats at the farm so long now, I think he has built an immunity.

So, without further ado......


This was when we were taking him to Mom's, didn't know at this time I was going to get to keep him.

As you can see, Chris doesn't totally dislike him, this was like day 2 or 3.

Week 1


Week 3, August 26th

Liz thought I was causing him distress sticking the phone in his face--did I mention that I found an app on  my phone for him? It's called Cat Toy and he loves chasing the butterfly. Yep, like everything else in our house, spoiled.


Preemie mom said...

Bout time. Loved that when you said, he only tried that once. Laughed outloud. This post was worth the wait.

Browningblog said...

Thanks, loyal reader!! lol. And geesh, something else I got accomplished today!