Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just a few days to go....

I made my last trip to Walmart yesterday, I am planning a grocery trip on Friday or Saturday and then that is it. I am extremely proud of my spending this year. I didn't overdo it and it feels pretty good at the moment. There are plenty of gifts under the tree and Robert even has a few surprises, the main things he wanted though were tools and so even though they are for Christmas, I consider them an investment in his future--and still we got them on Black Friday so I got really good prices on them. Andrew and I know everything that is under the tree for each other too, but as I mentioned earlier, they were things we wanted and the BF sales, made them so very reasonable. We are taking a weekend trip for New Year's and I would just as leave spend my money then as spend it on stuff just to have things under the tree.....he is the same way.

I have had a bad few days as far as the UC is concerned, calling the doctor today. I went down to 25 mg of prednisone Saturday. Sunday afternoon I started cramping and this morning, I am bleeding. I have kinda figured out the target so I know if he ups the prednisone again, what to try to avoid at all costs this time. I have also been into some junk food/Christmas food and that just doesn't work for me. When will I learn?  Hopefully today.

So, three more days of work and then off until the 27th, then 3 more days and I start vacation. I really don't have a lot to do this weekend and that feels great. Dust and sweep the house, cook Christmas dinner and that's about it. I am also (once again) very happy that if I want to, I can "de-Christmas" the house in an evening--especially if I have Robert take the tree down one of his days home. I am thinking about having that done before we leave for our trip. Robert isn't going with us, work comes first and with books to buy for a new semester, he is needing the money.

I think that's the "Browning report" for right now, nothing too exciting, just keepin' on keepin' on.

Happy Tuesday......

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