Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weight Watchers

I lost 3.2 lbs this week!  I am SO excited, my goal to hit the first 10 lbs by September 3rd just got really easy!  In fact, I just made it my goal to hit the first 10 lbs by the 27th, I believe I can.  I am at 8.6 right at the moment so I have less than a lb and a half. I was actually there this morning but I will fluctuate over the week so we shall see.

Always before when I went to WW, I would kind of binge on Monday night after the meeting, then it would take me three of four days to recover from that damage. I am not doing that this time and I love these Tuesday mornings waking up and weighing less than I did at the meeting Monday night.

Also, my activelink is a BIG help. I thought I was moving more than I actually was. I thought my half hour on the treadmill should count for 2 points but the fact is, because I don't go as fast as the book tells, it isn't, so I'm not doing as much as I thought.

My goal for this week is to get 100% on my active link every day. I went outside and walked up and down the driveway last night at 9:00 just to get me to my 100 for yesterday, but I did it and the scales tipped my way this morning. 

One other thing, I know the dress is forgiving but I DID wear a size 20 dress to church Sunday. I normally wear a 22 and a few of my clothes are 24's but I really consider myself a 22. I am thinking probably when I hit around 25 lbs off, I should fit squarely in a 20. Of course my goal is to be out of plus size clothes all together and my ultimate goal is back to a size 10, I DO have clothes of mine in the attic that are 10's so I could do it. I have a ton of hand me downs from a friend of mine that are 16 to 18's so I have lots of motivation to get there and new rewards as soon as I do.

So, bring on another week. Looking for that 1.4 lbs next Monday night.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, heck with that, I'm me!  I KNOW I can!

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