Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vacation Day 4

So I made it to the big 45. This one doesn't bother me at all, in fact, I don't think I have ever had a birthday of my own bother me. When my sister turned 50, now THAT bothered me, and I think it got me a little when she turned 40. As I said in an earlier post, getting here was a bit of a challenge but the fact that I am 45, not so much. I am doing everything I want to be doing, living the life I want to be living and having a ball doing it so it's all good. I am looking forward to today, God has a way of working things out, I decided at the last minute to take vacation this week so I had planned on going to Terre Haute with Robert after he got home from school. Monday, one of the guys asked Andrew to switch with him for Tuesday and guess what day Jim could work for Andrew? Yep, today, so I get both my guys! What a rarity to spend a whole afternoon and evening together!

As far as what I have been doing with my vacation, Tuesday, I didn't do much here at the house. I had a dentist appointment and then my class had their final. They did SO WELL!!!  The lowest grade on the test was a solid B and many of them got A+'s. They learned more than I realized.

Here is a picture of all of them, minus one who had to leave for a meeting:

Yesterday, we spent the day at Mom's. They guys had some projects to complete and I just spent the day visiting with Mom. Last night was church and then I told Andrew I didn't want to wake up to a dirty house on my birthday so while Robert went to work, we cleaned our house. I love having help doing that, we knocked out the whole place in about an hour and yes, it was great to wake up to a clean house this morning.

So today, we have to go get the title finished for the truck, get Robert started to the first day of school and then go do some tool shopping and some "just shopping" for me :-). Tonight I will open my present from Andrew--which we picked up last Saturday, it is a cuisinart grill that I have been wanting since Christmas, I also ordered myself a gypsy for my cricut and I thought that was for my birthday too but Andrew reminded me that he bought himself a new saw last week so it may be just because he did that, which give me birthday money to spend from Robert and my mom.

I am hoping tomorrow to settle in on working on the basement, and scrapbooking, then Saturday I believe my sis and BIL is coming for a visit. Should be a fun day too.

Happy Thursday y'all!

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