Friday, August 3, 2012

Updating the list...again

1) Paint the porch-beginning to think this isn't going to happen
2) Sign up for a 5K (yes, I would have to be doing better physically, but may do it anyway)
3) go geocaching with our AWANA kids
4) buy a lounge chair for the back yard and take a nap (actually did that yesterday!)
5) have a yard sale-- this one isn't either, because I just decided I didn't want to work that hard6) Visit Springfield's Lincoln Museum 6-18-12
7) Coordinate a Girl's day out with my HS BFF's
8) make Andrew licorice caramels 6-16-12
9) organize the garage
10) get a pedicure
11) catch up on my scrapbooking
12) make a summer reading list posted 6-15-12
13) start a new Women of Faith Bible Study
14) Go to at least 1 auction
15) Make a scrapbook of Robert's car for him- got all the pictures together for this
16) Visit New Harmony
17) have a picnic
18) take an aimless road trip
19) make nutella fudge bars
20) make our name out of pictures that I have found
21) Visit Indianapolis
22) 2 crochet projects done (for my pay it forward promise from fb)
23) revamp my laundry room
24) help Andrew make a new headboard- have the new frame bought, it's a start!
25) sew Robert a vest (it's cut out, just not started)
26) Visit the Muny
27) Visit the Fox- Sept 1st
28) Make myself a new outfit
29) revamp our exercise room
30) try my hand at making a necklace ( I used to, just haven't forever)-started this last night

So, I have 3 things started, 2 that I marked off without doing and 14 that still needs done, I may not make it but it has been fun trying. We may be putting the porch off until next summer just because we have decided it is time to see about vinyl siding for the house so there isn't much need in painting this year and siding over it next year. Work ended up being crazier than I expected this summer so I haven't taken much time off. I am trying to get a week off week after next and that might help. Have already decided though that I will have a fall bucket list too, and have already put stuff on it.

In other news, the doctor's appointment was a bit of a disappointment. I have avoided actually have to go on medicine for the diabetes for two years. I still don't think I need it but the doc did so we are trying it. One more pill to the regimen.....I'm surprised I don't rattle when I walk. Oh well.

Happy Friday!

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