Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Birthday Boy

I am no longer the mother of a teenager....sad and glad all at the same time.

Somehow the only picture I got of an actual present and then my hand is over half of it. Oh well....He got some new shirts, a couple of travel cups that he was wanting, some slim jims, and the busted knuckle garage sign he has here. He also went on a shopping spree at Harbor Freight last week and got tools, those were birthday too but they needed to go to school. And yesterday, he ended up getting a new bike (yes BIcycle, not MOTORcycle) too. Not a bad haul for 20.
When I asked if he wanted a cake or an ice cream cake, he grimaced and said, "neither??" I told him he had to have SOMETHING and he said he wished he could be like Dad and get a cheesecake,  I said no problem so Peanut Butter Pie it is!

Andrew and I bought ourselves new bikes, one speed, island cruiser style, ours match and then Robert got one too, it looks like a ratrod, perfect for him.  We actually took them out yesterday afternoon, then Robert and I got up at 6 this morning and went for a bike ride. He may change his mind by tomorrow but right now he thinks he will do it again. He went back to bed though so we shall see.

Busy day today, Church this morning, going to work this afternoon and church this evening.....

Happy Sunday!


Preemie mom said...

Will you share the recipe? Happy birthday Robert.


Browningblog said...

Yes, I will, I will email it to you, or I guess I could put it in a blog post, huh? :-)