Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Morning

Pictures from Nila of our gifts:

Getting Ready
Luggage from Initials Inc. He didn't want initials, so his luggage says Go Bag (thing Criminal Minds) and his shave kit says "Essentials". As we said earlier, he knew he was getting these.
He knew he was getting this too, a Pampered Chef Magic Pot. I use mine all the time and when I had a PC party this fall, it was to get him his own, otherwise mine would disappear.

And here is the thing he didn't think he was getting-his Microsoft Surface Pro 2. 
He is telling me he can't believe I did this.
Andrew and his insulated bibs.

Me and my bottle of Beautiful :-)

The girls getting their new sweaters.

There were lots more pictures but this is enough for now.

Merry Christmas, one final LAST time... I promise.  (Although, Christmas isn't over for me yet, it won't be until next Saturday at the earliest--I don't believe in leaving decorations up until Valentine's Day but I really like to leave them up at least through New Years--just my opinion). 

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