Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What is up with the Bucket List?

Haven't checked in on the bucket list for a while, so  I thought I better update:

1. Tree cut out of front yard
2. Robert's car scrapbook FINISHED
3. Set aside a regular scrapnight, I'm thinking Monday
4. Decorate my house and yard for fall done
5. Redo the patio area from Summer flowers to fall flowers (meaning plant mum's in flower bed) This I didn't do because most of the summer my cut flowers looked dead, they picked fall to really be beautiful so I left them
6. Exercise room finished
7. Laundry room finished
8. Scrap area cleaned up
9. Go to Covered Bridge
10. Go to the Hillclimb
11. Make Robert's vest, getting time for it, maybe I will do it now.
12. Finish our headboard with Andrew (or stay on Andrew to get it made!)
13. Plant trees
14. Redo the kitchen floor
15. touch up paint on inside of house.
16. Make Christmas presents for friends
17. Get a manicure and a pedicure
18. Start making plans for front bathroom
19. bulbs dug up.
20. Clean out closet and switch from Summer to Fall.

Okay, so I have a lot left to do, in my defense, I took on another project at work that takes me to Springfield once a week which means everything I was barely getting done in 5 days, I have to fit into 4, which means I have spent several evenings at work.

Saturday, I asked God why I wasn't able to get as much done in a day as I used to and his response (it might as well been said outloud because I heard it that plainly) was "Because you decided you didn't have time to spend your first waking moments with Me". So I went back to my own Bible Study of a morning instead of the just the 10 minutes I spend with Robert doing Our Daily Bread and it made a difference even just yesterday.  SO, I have a new resolve to get all of these things taken care of!


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