Saturday, September 29, 2012

A peak at the bucket list...

I have been so busy at work that life here at home has taken a back seat, I'm ready to start in around here again so I decided I better check back on the list and see what I have going on.

1. Tree cut out of front yard
2. Robert's car scrapbook FINISHED
3. Set aside a regular scrapnight, I'm thinking Monday
4. Decorate my house and yard for fall==I have a good start on this, couple more things I want to do but want to wait until the first of October.

5. Redo the patio area from Summer flowers to fall flowers (meaning plant mum's in flower bed)
6. Exercise room finished
7. Laundry room finished
8. Scrap area cleaned up
9. Go to Covered Bridge
10. Go to the Hillclimb--A week from tomorrow, we ALL can't wait!
11. Make Robert's vest, getting time for it, maybe I will do it now.
12. Finish our headboard with Andrew (or stay on Andrew to get it made!)
13. Plant trees--1/2
14. Redo the kitchen floor
15. touch up paint on inside of house.
16. Make Christmas presents for friends
17. Get a manicure and a pedicure
18. Start making plans for front bathroom
19. bulbs dug up.
20. Clean out closet and switch from Summer to Fall--this is done!

So, I am thinking, this coming week I will see about finishing the exercise room, cleaning my scrap area and make some real progress on Robert's scrapbook. Also, think I will call the guy about the tree. Andrew planted his three mesquite trees, but I am still wanting a weeping willow and a douglas fir, got to do a little more research and see if I want to do that now or in March. My mom always says you can plant a tree in any month with an R in it, but I'm not sure which kinds of trees you can plant to look that up right now.

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