Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Right on the money, 15 lbs last night and in the two weeks instead of three. So, new goal is 5 more lbs, or 20 lbs by October 1.
I feel a little guilty and I'm not sure why. It is so easy this time. I have done so many things differently though. First and foremost, I'm TELLING people. I have always kept it a secret which made it easy to quit and easy to cheat and easy to just plain out not do it some days which created major setbacks. I track everything, even if I get a spoon of peanut butter, I now use a measuring spoon. The beauty of it is, I can get that spoon of peanut butter if I want and I have learned a TBSP, eaten slowly is just as good as several eaten without thinking.

Another thing that is different is the activity, it is a struggle some days and I am doing the activelink challenge, which is working me up to doubling my activity in 12 weeks so as I progress, it gets harder to get 100%, it's frustrating some days but apparently, well worth it.

I did something I have NEVER done Sunday though. I admitted to my guys just exactly how much I weighed when I started. That was hard, especially since I very obviously outweigh both of them by a lot. Andrew said he had it ballparked around the same weight, I think Robert was just shocked.

It's done though and it's all there for the world to see. My friend, Dani, who inspired me to go back to Weight Watchers just hit her 45 lb mark. She has to be getting very close to her goal. Maybe that in itself is what clicked. When we were in high school, she fluctuated between a zero and a 3, she always wanted to gain weight and of course, I always wanted to lose. I guess I realized that when you get a certain age, you do one of two things, you watch your weight and take care of yourself or you don't. Sorry if that seems harsh but I was in those shoes for way too long. When Robert was 3 I went from 219 to 145, it was great but then I let other things become the priority and before I really paid any attention, I passed the 219 mark--I did it, it wasn't my "biology" or "just the way I am" or anything--it was me not making me a priority. Somehow I had this warped sense that I was not supposed to take care of me because we are supposed to put Jesus first, other's second and ourselves last, I just thought I was really good at that but I have had a rude awakening that God wants us to take care of what he gave us, including our bodies. My UC isn't because of my weight but the weight definitely aggravates it. The diabetes IS because of my weight. I made the statement on facebook the other day for young moms to make sure they make it a priority to take care of themselves because that helps them take better care of their families. One of my guy friends, who lost his mom WAY too young, when he was little, made the statement that if his mom were here, she would say the same thing. I found it very profound. So once again, take care of you. Your body is the temple that God gave you.

My last note on this. The very first time I went to weight watchers, Robert wasn't even a year old. I went for a few weeks and we came home for the weekend (we lived in PA at the time). When I went back after the trip, I had lost 2 lbs and was so excited I had handled the trip and still lost weight. One of the older women says, "It will catch up with you". I didn't go much after that and I quit. I will never be that woman. Don't be that woman. If you see a friend trying to do better, encourage them, be the one who makes that person's day.

That's all for now.

Happy Tuesday!

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