Monday, September 3, 2012

From one bucket list to the next...

So, I didn't accomplish everything on my summer bucket list. I tried and somethings just didn't end up happening, some I changed my mind about and some, well some, I just didn't do. So some things go back on the Fall bucket list and some things are out of sight, out of mind. I still like having the ideas of having goals. Each new years I would sit everyone down and we would discuss what we wanted to accomplish that year. I would spend the next 12 months nagging the guys to do what they had said they wanted to get done. With my bucket list, there may be a few things on here that depend on them but mainly, it's about the things I want to get done and I honestly think it helped me so I am going to write out my new fall bucket list. I am NOT going to do another reading list because I get too caught up in other books and decide to read them instead.

Here's how it turned out:

1) Paint the porch- waiting until next year because of getting new siding
2) Sign up for a 5K (yes, I would have to be doing better physically, but may do it anyway)-didn't do
3) go geocaching with our AWANA kids didn't get done :-(

4) buy a lounge chair for the back yard and take a nap (actually did that yesterday!)
5) have a yard sale- decided I didn't WANT to do
6) Visit Springfield's Lincoln Museum 6-18-12
7) Coordinate a Girl's day out with my HS BFF's- 7-28-2012
8) make Andrew licorice caramels 6-16-12
9) organize the garage
10) get a pedicure
11) catch up on my scrapbooking- didn't get done, but am doing
12) make a summer reading list posted 6-15-12
13) start a new Women of Faith Bible Study
14) Go to at least 1 auction
15) Make a scrapbook of Robert's car for him- working on it
16) Visit New Harmony-didn't do
17) have a picnic- "kinda" did but not the way I meant to
18) take an aimless road trip- also, not the way I meant but I think I will count it.
19) make nutella fudge bars
20) make our name out of pictures that I have found- took the pics, haven't done anything with them yet.
21) Visit Indianapolis-didn't do
22) 2 crochet projects done (for my pay it forward promise from fb)-didn't do
23) revamp my laundry room- worked on
24) help Andrew make a new headboard- plans drawn out, he is buying the lumber this week
25) sew Robert a vest (it's cut out, just not started)
26) Visit the Muny
27) Visit the Fox
28) Make myself a new outfit- would have like to have done this, just didn't
29) revamp our exercise room-started, not finished
30) try my hand at making a necklace ( I used to, just haven't forever)

So, here goes the Fall 2012 bucket list:
1. Tree cut out of front yard
2. Robert's car scrapbook FINISHED
3. Set aside a regular scrapnight, I'm thinking Monday
4. Decorate my house and yard for fall
5. Redo the patio area from Summer flowers to fall flowers (meaning plant mum's in flower bed)
6. Exercise room finished
7. Laundry room finished
8. Scrap area cleaned up
9. Go to Covered Bridge
10. Go to the Hillclimb
11. Make Robert's vest, getting time for it, maybe I will do it now.
12. Finish our headboard with Andrew (or stay on Andrew to get it made!)
13. Plant trees
14. Redo the kitchen floor
15. touch up paint on inside of house.
16. Make Christmas presents for friends
17. Get a manicure and a pedicure
18. Start making plans for front bathroom
19. bulbs dug up.
20. Clean out closet and switch from Summer to Fall.

Only 20 things this time, tomorrow starts my busiest time of the year (and most stressful) so I don't want to lay too much on myself. I think my bucket list will run through the 15th of November, and then I will start a winter one.

Had a fabulous day Saturday with the kid, went to St. Louis shopping and to see The Lion King at the Fox. Wow, it was good, REALLY good. Today my list is long of things I want to get done. I am hoping to get back into a routine of getting things done of an evening but I also know my body likes some rest so we shall see.

If today goes well though, by the time I go to bed, my food cabinets, my fridge and my closet will all be cleaned out.

Happy Monday y'all!

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