Thursday, September 27, 2012

The real thing

Sometimes I want to kick myself for not posting more often and then things pile up and I can't remember everything I want to say. Since the 4th of September though I had spent every evening, except Tuesday's and Wednesday's, going back or staying at work. That put me in a tired funk but between Head Start computer projects and LIHEAP computer projects, it had to be done. Last Thursday evening, Robert came up and helped me get the last 4 computers done, now all I have to do is get them to their new homes, which will happen on Friday afternoons for a while.  I actually officially got caught totally up with work Tuesday evening at 4:00. It was the first time since LIHEAP started that I was ready to turn off the lights and walk out on time. Yesterday, I wasn't feeling great and so I left at noon, I kept an eye on the emails though and it shouldn't take me long to get caught back up this morning. So, I may be on the schedule I want to be on now.

This week, the weight loss was a good one, 2.2 lbs, which I had worked for. All the late nights the week before cut into my workout time, which left me with a whopping .2 lbs to show for the week. I was bound and determined not to let that happen again. I had kept my average at 2 lbs a week and the stupid .2 caused it to drop to 1.9 as my average. I think this will be a good week because I was down a total of 17.4 lbs and am really determined to get to the 20 lb mark this week, so I have worked at it, and when I really set my mind to it, it really does pay off. I am also getting ready for a new 8 week challenge through the weight watchers site, it is the 8 weeks until Thanksgiving challenge and I am setting my goal to lose 16 more pounds by then. I have so many goals right now, the first one is the 2.6 lbs by Monday, then I am just 8 lbs away from my next WW goal, when I reach it I will be just 6 lbs from what I weighed when I started working at Greenup, yes, I have gained 34 lbs since then. The worst part is I have gained a total of 59 lbs since I started working at ERBA. Anyway, as I say, lots of goals to focus on.

Life around here has been interesting too, Last Thursday the Muny announced they were having a garage sale on Saturday. In looking at the pictures, they had a bunch of lounge chairs exactly like I had been looking for. So, Saturday morning, Robert and got up and was on the road at the crack of dawn. I was planning on being there before 10, when it started but first there was more construction on 70 than I planned (to the tune of 64 being completely closed when you came into St. Louis, then I thought, no problem, I can go through downtown, only to have to detour around not 1 but 2 walks for good causes). We ended up getting there at 10 after. I knew I had missed my chairs because there was probably 1000 people there already. I knew from pictures on fb where they were, we walked staight to them, I grabbed one and Robert grabbed two and we had our chairs.....for a whopping total of $6. They need a little TLC and I knew they would but I had priced one at Garden Ridge just two weeks before and they wanted $90 and it was clearanced. I saved probably around $250 because I will have to put a few supplies into getting these up to par but still.

See the three white chairs with the blue cushions? They are now mine. I also got three posters of programs, one being from 2007, the first year Robert went to the Muny. I spent a grand total of $21. We were only there about a half hour, which apparently means I got the best of everything because the people who were there early stood in line, some of them for over an hour.
Our AWANA club was a little slow getting started but we got started, that's the important thing. I was hoping for 4 this year, night one I had zero. The second and third nights we had one and hopefully in a few more weeks we will be back to our faithful two. My other guy has football and band and Wednesday is the only night he doesn't have a school activity. He has promised as soon as he gets through football though, he will be back.
I guess that's it for the main things, as I said, I waited too long to post and have probably forgotten some exciting things like getting the tickets to Wicked for December 15th. I have a two day trip planned with my sister. Can't wait. Also waiting patiently for Blue Man Group tickets to go on sale this Saturday. Robert and I are going to see them the day after Thanksgiving.
Maybe now that's all.
Happy Thursday everyone!

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