Thursday, February 23, 2012

Knitted and Purled

We have successfully made it home from the hernia surgery.  What a day! We got in the "waiting" room at 9:30, they came and got him at 10 til 11, the nurse told me if it was going to be more than 2 hours, she would come and let me know. At 10 after 12, they brought him back to the room. He was his normal, silly self after being out, he always comes out of anesthesia a little loopy. He says he remembers coming back to the room but doesn't remember being put out.

Anyway, I got him home around a quarter til 4, before the origianal pain meds wore off, good timing!

No lifting or bending, no driving for a week......let the fun begin.


Rhonda Gibson said...

My husband went through hernia surgery a few times too, don't let him lift! LOL, that was our problem and the reason for so many surgeries. Hang in there...

Browningblog said...

Thanks Rhonda! I have a feeling we may have to watch him pretty close because he has done so well--next week we are all on vacation though so hopefully we won't any of us do much :-)