Friday, October 30, 2009

Browning Family Update

What a week it has been! This one will definately be remembered for a while. It is probably the closest I have ever came to being truly about to have a real comeapart.

We ordered 4 new computers for work, one of them being for our Executive Director, our main boss. Last Monday, after I had put all the programs and settings on it for her, put all of her documents, emails, and email addresses on it. We figured out that we hated the setup. She previously had a 15.4 in laptop and a replicator. We bought a 17 in laptop and a "dynadock". It was a BIG step backwards and I was just sick over the results. Cords everywhere, the dock would not let the laptop screen black out while you were using the monitor and the laptop didn't have a secure port for the monitor, so if you plugged into it, which had to be plugged in on the side, you were constantly accidentally unplugging your monitor. I had a second computer ready to go with all the programs and settings, just not the personal information. The problem was, I had used both computers, they were what I had ordered and the total of all the computers and the dynadocks was well over $5,000. Yesterday, our system provider agreed to take all four of them back and sell us what I wanted in the first place. I know nobody in the building was blaming me--except me. I slept so hard last night it isn't even funny. Of course, it was the first night this week I had slept at all. I am still thanking God for his hand in this. I was not wanting to have to eat two computer systems that nobody liked or wanted.

In the meantime, Andrew's Aunt Ina Lou passed away in Cape Girardeau. We didn't go, she was the only member of the family left in Cape and has had Alzheimer's for several years. This was my mother-in-law's sister and after she passed away, my father-in-law was still in charge of her care. He flew out from Texas to take care of the final arrangements. Robert had actually went to Cape with Bob this summer to check on her, he was the last one in our house to see her. She had a hard life and I know it had been painful on both Bob and Linda watching her in such a state. I am sure Bob feels like she is at peace now.

The bright note of the week: the kid is moving from Baritone to Tuba. He is excited. He loves learning new things. He started with Trumpet, then Baritone and now Tuba. He is trying to talk Mrs. A into teaching him how to play Trombone next year just so he can say he knows how to play every brass instrument.

He is also getting ready for the pops concert- November 12th and 13th. Last night was the last evening band practice of the year and Saturday we travel to Oblong for the last competition.

I believe the highlight of this week has been Tuesday evening. Newton Elementary and Jasper County Jr. High put on a talent show. Wow!! I know I have been an emotional wreck this week but seeing those kids made me want to cry. In a world, where there is so much bad, we are blessed with so much good. We have a LOT of awesome kids in Jasper county-- and to top it off, they can sing and tumble and recite poetry! The performances were amazing but the time that was taken to practice and prepare is what hits home with me.

People who do not believe music programs can change lives have never been in a music program. When you are part of something that is all about performance you learn how to be a part of the team. A field show is only as good as it's weakest member, a talent show, the weakest act. These kids are learning that it's not all about them. It's about what you can do together as a team. Wow, if that isn't a life lesson, I don't know what is. You learn to hold up your end of the deal, you learn that you can't skate by because of who you know, you have to do the work or the spectators will know you didn't. Most importantly, you learn that it doesn't matter how much money you have or who your parents are but it's all about what YOU can do with hard work. I realize now that being in band and chorus taught me that you don't go to work seeing how much the light can shine on you, but how much the light can shine on what you are accomplishing, and it is so much easier to accomplish big things when you have people beside you, wanting to accomplish the same thing. Once in a while, you get someone who wants to run everything, and deep down inside, I know....they weren't taught that being part of a team is far greater than standing alone.

Last night, the girls on facebook were talking about halloween costumes. I went upstairs to look for pictures of Robert in some of his costumes and realized I have a bunch of pictures that are in need of attention. I have scrapbooked the last few years but I have a crate of pictures that I am going to have to sort before they get ruined. Hopefully tonight I will find my pictures but in the meantime I created a BUNCH more work for myself.

Robert has another El Camino project too, last Friday, the muffler fell of the truck. Tonight he is going to Effingham to buy all the stuff for a new exhaust, including a cherry bomb. This should be interesting.

Enough of my ramblings, I am SO ready for this day! Happy Friday everyone!

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