Friday, October 16, 2009

Nearing the end....

It's now down to 2, 2 days till will leave for Lexington. My last day of work. I am starting it out at the Newton Sr. Center, installing a printer. Then back up to my office to tie up tons of loose ends. I had planned on getting two new laptops ready for their users by today. They were supposed to be delivered Wednesday. I still haven't seen them. That will have to wait until I get back, actually until the Monday after I get back. I don't want to install their new systems and have something not be tweaked just right and be 270 miles away.

I thought this would clear up a lot of time for today, remarkably it didn't.

Tonight, the mop is getting cut off, I CAN'T WAIT!! It has gotten entirely too long and the only thing that stopped me from getting it cut sooner was time. It is down to the last minute, it HAD to be done before Sunday. I had even debated walking into the shop at Walmart if nothing else. They don't know my hair like Amanda though so the thought was scary but not out of the question.

Tomorrow the kids head to U of I. I truly believe it will be a good day for them. I haven't sat down with all the stats from the other bands yet, but I will. I got such a kick out of Bruce last year. We marched first in our class last year. While we were at the parade, Bruce said if we would have marched later in the class, we would have gotten 2nd, but since we marched first, we were going to get third. He nailed it. I had, by the stats, put us in 2nd. We march 2nd to last in our class this year--that's a great thing!

Oh, somebody asked WHY I am going to Lexington. We are having PACE training. PACE is the accounting software used for the agency, used for a lot of government agencies actually. While I am not an accountant (Thank you Lord, and of course, anyone who knows me is thanking him too, especially if they get paid by ERBA--I am not good with numbers--I like mine in the form of reading reports, not writing them) Anyway, as I was saying, while I am not an accountant, being the IT Coordinator makes it necessary for me to learn all the software used by the agency, so if something breaks, I know how to fix it, or when I can't fix it how to call support and explain accurately what is malfunctioning. Seeing as how I haven't had time to learn to do anything more than install the software, I will not have to worry about confusing what I already know with what I am learning. Thankfully, Carol, who is the other lady going, works with it everyday.

Sidenote--yesterday it took Five, count 'em, FIVE Verizon techs to figure out what was wrong with our wireless card. I kept telling them I felt like they needed to reset something on their end. The first one told me I needed to update software, the second one told me I needed to uninstall the old program after the update (that one didn't make sense and didn't work). The third one said it was MY computer, the fourth one gave me to the fifth one who said, "Let me reset our DMU". It worked. My boss was funny, she said, "When are they going to learn that when you call, it is a problem on their end!". Glad she has so much faith in me! Glad I was right, I had lost a bit of patience after person number 3.

So, here we go, the last 48 or so hours. Have a mentioned yet that I found out last night that the largest shopping mall in Kentucky is in Lexington? We get out at 4 each evening, except Sunday, our meeting Sunday is 4 to 6 and is a meeting, not a dinner or anything fun, I can't believe we are having a meeting on Sunday but oh well.

Happy Friday, y'all. Hope it's great!

BTW, I have committed myself to this being the weekend I return to loving my camera. My posts WILL start having pictures again, SOON!

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