Monday, October 12, 2009

Down to 6

My countdown is going REALLY fast!! I have accomplished so much though and am really proud of where I am starting the week. Last week I installed a total of 10 computers. I have a few "finishing touches" to put on tomorrow but by the time I get home tomorrow evening, that will be completely crossed off the list.

The 2009 band classic is in the books--what a relief!!! I did much better handling the stresses of tabulator this year. I actually haven't lost any sleep over it this time and KNOW it was correct. Eventhough it was cold, the sun shone and we had a successful day. Effingham went well and our kids did amazing. We had a marching judge AND a general effect judge crucify us, don't know why, all the other judges seemed to love us. The end results were 1st place auxiliary, percussion, and music. 2nd place overall for our class. Considering we were against several other bands, it was still a great showing!

This morning Robert heads to IMEA auditions at Effingham. I think he is ready as he is going to be. He has practiced for this and I am proud of him for it. Yesterday afternoon, he went into church where he could use the piano (he doesn't like "pecking out notes" on our electric piano). I wish him all the luck in the world and have seen his voice improve over working on this.

Andrew and I are headed to covered bridge today. I felt a little bad about leaving Robert behind until I realized Robert was feeling a little relieved at being left behind. He plans on going to work at Nana's house when he gets home. I think he thinks he got the better end of the deal so that worked to my advantage.

This week should be a breeze compared to the last couple. No class this week, no ballgame at home this week. Just Awana, a quick choir practice, hopefully a basket bingo Friday night, U of I Saturday and then leave for Lexington at 8 am Sunday morning. I have already positioned myself not to have work hanging over my head while I am gone and I have the world's greatest assistant so I know I don't have to worry about things while I am gone either.

Bring on the final countdown!

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