Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yeah for us!!

Yeah #1. The Weatherization building computers are installed and working properly, complete with networked printer and wireless connectivity Two little tweaks to take care of--one I have to run to the Weatherization building in Olney before I can finish, which I am doing today and the other is one last program that needs loaded but I ordered a new disc. When it gets here, that will be about a 20 minute total job. All the hard stuff is done though! And it works!! Which is actually quite amazing even to me. It went way too easy. I think I am just getting to where I know what I am doing without a lot of hassle and that in itself is a big thing.

Yeah #2. My assistant Carrie was in charge of getting all our LIHEAP files ready for audit, which is all next week. She finished yesterday and we are 100% ready! Yeah Carrie! It feels a little weird not being responsible for this myself but I trust her and am excited that she is doing so well!

Yeah #3. I had all SIX of my guys at Awana last night, at the same time!!! SIX 16 &17 year old boys that take the time, one after he gets off work, two after football practice, to come and learn more about what God wants for their lives. I am so impressed by the fact they are there. Then, there is the fact that they are truly wanting to learn. Probably the biggest YEAH of all! I am not opposed to girls, we just don't have any coming right at the moment. So, if you all know any high school girls that want an opportunity to hang around with six very, very nice high school boys for a couple hours on Wednesday evenings, send them to the Hidalgo Townhouse at 6:15!

Yeah #4. On the road today to get 4 of the 6 Sr. Center towers in. If I can get all these computers installed this week, I will have the 4 days next week to actually stay in my office. Which would be great. I stayed late last night to clean. You know how messy your house gets when you are just in and out and throw things everywhere? My office was looking like that too. It's better but I am not 100% caught up. Four days there though and I would be.

My countdown is going well! Tonight I have to knock out everything for my part of the band classic, which I have everything gathered up, just need to sit down and do it-no problem!

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