Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Countdown is now down to day 11. I finished the last class of this session last night, one thing to mark off the list. Today I finish (I hope) getting the systems set up at our new building across the drive. I will take some pictures to post, our new place is pretty impressive. I was having a discussion last night with our Executive Director and our Head Start Director--we definitely have a wonderful work environment. Anyone who would like to see, drop by, let me show you around and see just exactly what all we do.

Tomorrow, I am on the road all day, Olney in the am, Robinson and Oblong in the pm. These will all be "reinstalls"- hoping and praying they all go well or I will have more days of travel and I am really wanting and needing to be in the office all next week. Thursday night is officially designated as "Band Classic" night for me. I hope to have my part all finished by the time I hit my pillow that night.

Robert has had practice all week for IMEA after school, he has also had band practice the last two nights. Needless to say, I haven't seen much of him. Last night, I got home at 8:30, he got home at 9:10. We did at least sit down and watch NCIS together.

On the homefront- I believe I mentioned I fried my computer. I did every diagnostic I knew how to do and kept coming up with the same answer- tons of blocks corrupted in tons of areas. I brought home my last textbook because I thought I might be missing something. Nope, same answer. I couldn't let it go though and loaded it up and took it to work with me. When our guy, Mat, from MASS computers came over, I sent it with him. Bless his heart, he has worked on it for two days. He called Monday evening and said he was done doing what he would do for a normal client, but since it was me, he was going to just let it sit on the diagnostic machine as long as it would run. Yesterday evening, he called and said he had "bad news and good news" the bad news was he still hadn't been able to retrieve anything. The good news was it was still running, which means there is still hope. I am pretty well over it. I realized that I have ALL my pictures backed up, which was the only thing I couldn't replicate. I have set up a new checkbook on Excel and so I am not really even missing the old one. It is never as bad as it first looks when something happens. It just makes me a little aggravated that someone can call and say, "My computer keeps freezing up and I can't even get it to shut down" and I can go figure out what is going on and fix it (that just happened yesterday) and I wasn't able to do anything about mine. As Mat says, when a Hard drive gets corrupted this bad, there is really nothing that can be done.

That's life.. 11 days to driving through the Hoosier National Forrest in the fall, my hotel suite, shopping, a spa night, and oh....yeah....learning new software in the meantime. Funny, I used to really dread trips, and though I will miss my guys, I know they will take care of each other, themselves and if things go as usual, the house.

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