Monday, October 19, 2009


Told you I would start taking pictures again!! Second night in Lexington. Things are going well. I wish I had more time to spend with the program and system I am supposed to be learning but I will do what I can. The building to the left in the bottom picture is where are meetings are--the Hilton. There is a series of skywalks between all the buildings downtown. Three of the four buildings actually are upscale--very upscale--shopping malls. I walked them all over lunch hour today. Tomorrow I am going back to the Victorian Shoppes. There was a portrait shoppe there, a lady was actually painting as I walked by. I want to go back and stare tomorrow.
Carol and I went to the real mall tonight. Talk about a weird mall! It is the largest mall in KY, I fell sorry for Kentucky! The mall at Champaign would give it a run for it's money-- St. Louis Mills would eat this mall for breakfast. Anyway, a new purse and sweater later and we were back home to our "suitette"-- I call it that because, yes, it is nice, but I think a "real" suite is supposed to be separate rooms, my room is cozy. The tv is on a wall that is half in the living room, half in the bedroom, you turn it to face whichever you are in. It's nice though, and clean and that is a big plus and I have big plans to curl up on the sofa with a cup of fresh brewed decaf and the Jennifer Weiner book I purchased last night. Oh, by the way, back to the mall--you walk THROUGH the middle of Sears to get from one side of the mall to the other.
I will try to take more pictures of the scenery on our way home. The rolling hills of changing trees were beautiful!
I am missing my guys, I honestly thought I would be better this time but Robert was sick when I left and I think that has changed the dynamic. He sounds better tonight, but thinking my baby was sick and I wasn't there tugged at my heartstrings a bit, even when I get "MOM, I think I can take care of myself--it's just a bad cold" Last night, I couldn't get ahold of either one of them --they had both went to bed by 8:00--I had it in my head Robert got deathly sick and Andrew had taken him to the ER. I STILL couldn't get ahold of them this morning, but my mom had to remind me I was an hour ahead and they probably weren't even up. She was right.
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