Saturday, March 31, 2012

How much more can happen in one week?

This week has been one of the biggest roller coaster rides I have been on for a while. Monday evening, I went to visitation for Betty Bohannon. Betty had been the first person hired to help me with my LIHEAP jobs so I could also take over the IT position. She always loved coming to work and was a stickler for accuracy, which was exactly what I wanted if I couldn't check the apps myself. She moved over to the other office and helped them after she got sick, it was easier for her to be off when she needed to over there. I will miss her though. She was one special lady.  She was also the cousin to my very first BFF, Valerie Tharp Mansfield. I was hoping to see Valerie at the visitation but she had went to Florida on a college visit for her daughter. Then, this morning, Valerie had posted on FB that her mom passed away Thursday morning. What a shock. Her mom, Gayle, was a jewel. I spent a lot of time at her house growing up and of course, when Valerie and I took swimming lessons, our mom's would take turns taking us, as well as with various other things we wanted to do until we were old enough to drive, so I have another visitation to go tomorrow, this one will be a hard one.

Also, during the course of this week, Robert dropped band. His band teacher has never treated him well as far as I am concerned.He tried everything to make it work, including signing up for a private lesson with her. It was at one of those lessons that she told him he sucked at so many things. Had he still been in high school, I would have been all over it, but he has to fight his own battles. The only kicker is band had paid scholarships for him to go to school this year. He came home that night and asked me to figure out how much he would have to save each paycheck to not be in band next year. I had explained, he was stuck there for this year. Well, he had an auto project he was working on Tuesday that had to get done, no choice, he texted her and told her he would be late, three or four texts later, she insinuated that she was pulling his scholarship money. He called me panicked. So, by the time it was all over, the Dean had read the texts that she had sent to him and decided he could drop band and keep the money. That was all he had wanted.  He needed to concentrate on his major and this gives him the ability to do so. He also was not going to be able to graduate on time because he didn't have the credit hours to get all of his GE requirements in,now he does. So all in all, it is a good thing.

This is Andrew's last Saturday at home, I am trying so hard to get motivated and it just isn't happening. It's cold outside on top of everything else. We take the dogs to the groomers this afternoon so I have got to at least get a grocery list made as well as my April Menus. I feel like I am constantly about 3 weeks behind right now!

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