Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good Books

Just finished a trilogy of books by Lynette Eason. Really enjoyed all three of them, in fact, I was really sad when I finished the third one (and wishing another sister would show up--all three of our heroines are sisters and very much in all three books--well Kit isn't in book one, but you will have to find out why on your own).

Little known fact about me. Back when I was 22 and 23, I caught shoplifters for Walmart. My mentor was Mike Gordon, who was Navy intelligence before he came back to central Illinois. I seriously thought about going back to school for Criminal Justice and heading in that direction. After I was beaten up with the shoplifting job, I started working out and running, partly because I didn't want to be that vulnerable again and part of it was because I was looking in that direction and knew I would have to be in shape.....then Andrew walked into my life and my goals changed. I still really enjoy reading about women in law enforcement and the first one really stole my heart because she was a computer forensic specialist. My boss at work thinks I am a real life Garcia from Criminal Minds--I wish, but it is flattering nonetheless. Anyway, if you want some good Christian Suspense/ Romance, here they are.


Rhonda Gibson said...

I am a fan of Lynette's also! Her books are very captivating.

BTW- Would you please send me your snail mail addy again? I'll explain later. Thanks

Browningblog said...

It's on it's way!