Monday, March 12, 2012

Ready for the Ride

Vacation is officially over and in a few hours  I will be back at my post. I think I have said it before, I am addicted to my job, which I don't believe is a bad thing. I have kept an eye on my emails this time and pretty well know what I have going as soon as I get back to work. Today will truly be a day of catching up. Our PIPP clients will need to be priority one as I will need to get letters out to the ones who haven't gotten their payment made yet this billing cycle. The LIHEAP RA apps will come next. These were apps that were done last week but they still need one more going over before they are filled and before the money gets paid. Of course, life goes on this week so there will be RA apps to physically do as well-- I just check them to make sure our verifiers in the field have all the information correct and then I say it's okay to pay this before it goes to my boss who takes the next step. These are our clients who are getting ready to be disconnected, or have ran low or out of propane. It is considered an emergency and the apps need completed within 48 hours. Per my emails, I have a conference call tomorrow at 11:00, I don't know why we have to have conference calls that go through lunch, but oh well. Also tomorrow, I have a family friend coming to job shadow. I am looking very forward to this, any chance to get to share with others what we really do is a great day. So many people think we are a handout to lazy people who don't want to work. Seriously, this is wrong. We have so many clients who are trying hard to make ends meet and with the economy, it just isn't happening.
Next Tuesday night, I get to start computer classes again too. This makes me very happy as well. I love teaching it and it sounds like we have some really excited students as well.

Vacation was good, getting to see Andrew's grandma and cleaning our bedroom was the two main priorities and they are both done. I don't mind taking a few days to spring clean any other rooms, but my bedroom, I wanted done before I went to bed, just because I want the non-cluttered peaceful place. I don't do well with clutter. I also started on a craft project for the back bath, hope to have it finished tonight or tomorrow as well as getting to work on a vest I have cut out for Robert.

Oh yes, life is good.

I do have a request. My friend Patty, who I have said before, is a big part of why I get to do what I do, is heading to Houston tomorrow for a PET Scan and to see what her cancer is up to. We are praying that 1) The tumor has shrunk. 2) The cancer has not spread; and 3) The doctors there will have a plan of action if the tumor has not shrunk enough--this will probably be in the form of radiation. She is very nervous and though she is trusting in the Lord for His will to be done, she could really use som extra support so any chance you have to pray about this today, I would greatly appreciate.


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Rhonda Gibson said...

Praying for your friend... let us know how things go :)