Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday again

and what a week it has been. It seems like the only thing in this house that is constant is change. I didn't post about my WW this week and I really meant to. This week we were supposed to take pictures of our anchors--the things that keep us wanting to keep going on this journey. I took three pictures, one of my mom, one of the car I want and one of Robert's kayak.

The story of my mom and the car are in previous posts, she basically told me I would look silly in a convertible at the size I was. The one of the kayak is a new goal. Robert got a kayak for Christmas, it has a weight limit. At Christmas, I was over that limit. Now I am not. I want to lose a little more before I buy a kayak, but I am still wanting one and may buy it even before I hit that goal. After all, it would be a great form of exercise in itself.

The biggest thing that happened though is Gina, our leader, told me she knows this time is my time. I have been in and out of her meetings for years, and she knew me even before that but she has been a WW leader for 20+ years and she says she knows when the person has the right focus, and I'm there. I do believe she is right. It's not a race, it's a journey and I will take it one day at a time. I have now came to far to let it go. I can do this and I will do it and I AM doing it.

I did over 2 miles a couple of mornings this week and then I started having some minor UC problems. I don't want to go into to detail but it is one of those weeks in my life that it doesn't concern me because it will go away. I go back to the doctor two weeks from Monday. I think he will be happy with my progress but it won't surprise me if he doesn't decide to go up one more dose on the azathioprine.

So, for the changes. Robert has moved home this week, kinda odd since he never moved away but his El Camino had been at school for over a year, as his spare time project, he has redone a lot and bought a new engine but it is still not road ready, so it came home on a trailer. He brought his tool box home Thursday along with the other engine out the El Camino, which needs cleaned, tuned and sold. He is working on his finals, most of which are papers or stuff due outside of class. He graduates Friday. Between school, the two jobs, his responsibilities at church and working with Nana at the farm, I know he is very ready for some downtime.

Today he goes to work at Napa, he loves that job and is praying hard that it might turn into something permanent. When he gets home, he and I are going to study for his Sociology final and then later this evening, he took off work so he could go watch his other brother, Trygve get his Black Belt.

I don't know what Andrew's plans are for the day, he starts back to work Monday so this is probably his last Saturday off for a while, hope he makes it productive.

My day seems a little insane. We are leaving in a few minutes for breakfast at Parklanes, I have to go to CVS and pick up medicines, then be in Effingham at 10 for a hair appointment, come home and help Robert study, go tan at 3:30 (my hives this winter left me speckled, I am just tanning to try to even that out); go to Tryg's Black Belt ceremony and sometime today I need to pack and straighten up the house. Yep, gonna be a long one.

I SO want to work in my yard, but it is raining again so at least I can't feel guilty about not doing that. Maybe next week.

Tomorrow, I go to church and then meet the rest of the gang heading to Springfield at 11:15 to head that direction. Tomorrow night is the Family of Distinction dinner, my favorite night of the year. Also, Andrew has to be in Springfield at 9 on Monday morning so he is coming up and spending the night with me at the Hilton. He comes home Monday evening so it is just one night, but it will be fun to share my favorite hotel in Springfield with him. Now if I just get a good room with a view of the Capitol, I will be a happy camper--I'll be a happy camper anyway but that would just be great.

So, onward to the busy day!

Happy Saturday!

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