Saturday, January 5, 2013


So, this year has started out so crazy that some of my friends are already wanting 2014 to get here. Personally, for our family, life has been pretty calm compared to some of the ones around us. There are some crazy things going on in our family too but nothing real major and nothing I can share yet, I will when the time is right.

Sunday afternoon though, we packed up the van and headed for Louisville for our annual "Great Escape", Robert got to go this year because his work schedule let him. I am always excited when he gets to go because I know those days are obviously numbered. We took in the Megacavern's Lights Under Louisville Sunday night. That was after we checked into our room, accidentally was given a room that hadn't been cleaned and received our money for the first nights stay. I didn't think that was necessary but Drury Inn insisted and I wasn't going to argue. I had already got a really good promo deal so we were getting a two room suite for less than a hundred dollars a night. Getting our money back for one meant our stay actually cost us $49 a night. You can't beat that with a stick.

Monday morning I got up, worked out and drove to Clarksville Indiana to weigh in. Down a pound!!  Whoo Hoo!  That took me to 35.8 lbs lost. I looked back at December and realized I only lost 3 lbs and that was a bit discouraging until I remembered that I LOST 3 lbs instead of gaining 10. The biggest thing is, I learned a lot about myself. I learned a piece of fudge can make me just as happy as eating half the pan, I learned that I don't have to make all the junk and have it in the house for my guys to be happy. I learned that I can keep track of what I am doing and be responsible for my actions. I learned I AM in control......that is the biggest part.  Anyway, that made me very happy.

We were so late getting around to breakfast the the Drury was out of stuff on their free breakfast. I told the guys, especially since we were $100 in the green that eating at a restaurant would be easier for me anyway so we went to Bob Evans right in front of our hotel. It was easier for me, I was able to get 2 eggs over easy, an english muffin, fresh fruit and lowfat yogurt. The guys of course pigged out. It was almost 10 by the time we ate though and so we ended up only having two meals that day--another plus. We headed to the Frazier Museum, this is mainly a weapons museum and Andrew loved it last year and wanted Robert to see it. Now, you can imagine, it was not really my cup of tea but low and behold, Diana, the exhibit was also at the Frazier for a limited time. I got a ticket for it, the guys got tickets for the regular and away we went. I loved the Diana exhibit, They had her crown, her wedding dress (yes, I was awake that morning between my 8th grade and freshman year to watch the fairytale wedding), tons of her dresses, and just lots of things of hers that were priceless. The guys would have been bored to tears so some museum curator knows what they were doing when they sat this up. We left there about 3 and went to find a bowling alley. Of course one of my goals for 2013 is being more active as a family. Sunday night, we went swimming, Monday was bowling. So we bowled and then went to Buckhead Mountain Grill for supper. It was New Year's Eve so I bought sparkling cranberry and blueberry cider to celebrate in the room, I was pretty sure we wouldn't last until midnight but I figured somewhere around there would be close enough. We came back to the room about 8:30, Robert laid down on the couch, Andrew laid down on the bed and I sat in the chair. We apparently all immediately fell asleep. At about 10, I woke up, told Robert to make out his bed and I went to bed. Robert apologized for sleeping through our New Year's but I had to tell him we all did. That was the point. We NEEDED the rest and the getaway. Things have been just downright crazy especially since Junie died. So no regrets that we got some much needed rest bringing in the new year.

Tuesday we hit IHOP and I again got to have a really good breakfast. A swiss and turkey bacon omelet, and yogurt. The guys, of course had pancakes.

Okay, just went to insert pictures and it won't let me......oh well.

We took in the Kentucky Flea Market after that, made a few purchases and started heading for home. We stopped in Evansville at the Acropolis, our favorite Greek restaurant and ate dinner and made it home by 7:10. We got everything put away and had a chance to just unwind before bed. I would say it was a pretty perfect trip.

Wednesday I started my new position as the LIHEAP coordinator for ERBA. I have been fortunate to work under Brenda McDade, who retired but in the last couple of years has let me do a lot of the program myself getting ready for this day. So far, the transition hasn't been bad. It has been crazy busy so I really haven't had time to even think about the fact that anything changed. Honestly, the main thing that has changed is I have more responsibility and less butt coverage but that's okay.

So now we are to the first Saturday of the year and I have plans out the wazoo. My stove came FINALLY!! so we are going to get it this morning, I need to buy groceries and do the Walmart thing, I need to get my tree down and the decs I put up (this is where I am happy I didn't go overboard this year!) and a million other little things I need to get done.....with that being said, it is time to move on.

Happy Saturday and Happy 2013!

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