Saturday, July 21, 2012


This is one of those rare "just life" weeks at our house but somehow whenever I look back on it, it really has been a "little" eventful. I love my job, everyone who reads this on a regular basis knows that beyond a shadow of a doubt but this week, I wish everything I have to do was stretched out over more than a few days. Most if it got done but my schedule is still full and I felt really guilty but I HAD to get a few things taken care of here so I took off at noon yesterday.

Of course we are in our second week of the cooling program, one more to go. For the most part, it is going smoothly, as smoothly as it can go when you are trying to cram 1500+ people into our offices over a 12 day period. The girls are more than likely going home every night exhausted.

Just a little rundown of what I have done this week:
  • Checked and cleaned 4 Family Advocate laptops
  • Met with Head Start staff to start some Distance Learning trainings, this will be posted on a private area of our website, which means I will be the one getting it there and maintaining it.
  • Worked with Xerox to get the Head Start printer up and and running
  • Done 13 out of 20 pages of the Weatherization Assessor forms for their new toughbooks. ( the old forms had lots of things that needed circled, etc. that doesn't work well with the pen from the toughbooks so I am transforming them to having checkboxes and dropdowns that are more tablet friendly).
  • Sent about 15 letters to PIPP clients who are late paying their bills.
  • Reconciled the PIPP numbers
  • Did a training for Weatherization on how to use their new toughbooks.
  • Participated in a PIPP training
  • Taught class on Tuesday evening
  • Had a make-up class with one student.
  • ordered a new system for one of the Senior Centers
  • went to Robinson to work on a Sr. Center computer
  • installed more software on the toughbooks
  • worked with the day-in, day-out problems associated with cooling.
I think that was about it as far as work, never a dull moment and definitely not doing the "same ole, same ole" everyday.

On a personal level, I had some exciting things at home too. One of my biggest was finding a long lost friend on facebook this week. It is amazing to me how you can spend the greater part of a couple of years with a person and then totally lose track of them. When I worked at Richard's Farm, I met Rob Tobias (who now spells his name with two b's but it was one at the time). Rob was the manager of Richard's Refinery, where I eventually ended up as kitchen manager. Then, after those days were over and I thought I had to have my little Z24 and was working two jobs to pay for it, I went to work for Robb at Altamont. He is one of those people I really never thought I would lose track of and I did. I had another friend like that, Mike Gordon. Mike helped get me and Andrew together and he was also one I thought I would never stop communicating with. Mike was dead almost a year and a half before I even knew it. I try not to let those things happen anymore. I don't like living with regrets and not keeping in touch with people I really care about is important so Robb, if you are reading this....know that I am glad I found you too! The last time I saw him, I was pregnant with Robert, so you can see how long that has been!

We finally got the auto insurance ordeal taken care of too. Robert was excluded from our policy in June, we thought we had until August to find another company but when he got his Grand Cherokee the insurance announced it was the only vehicle he was insured to drive. We had been with State Farm for 20 years but rules are rules so we had to switch. There are too many times we need to switch vehicles and yes, I know he is a little spoiled but having the Wrangler and him never being able to take the top off and even drive it to work just didn't feel right. As of the 25th of this month, we will all be back to being insured on all our cars. I knew it was going to be high, but it would have been high for his insurance anyway and it isn't like as if I didn't go through the exact same thing when I was young. I totalled my first car, three months after I got it, the insurance dropped me like a hot rock. Anyway, live and learn and hopefully Robert will be a lot more careful now.

So the week to come should be exciting, we have VBS starting Monday evening, 6-8:15 at the Hidalgo Independent Christian Church. Mom and I are doing the snacks, Andrew will have to be me Tuesday evening as I have class until 6:30 but it will all work out. If you have kids, it should be a good time.

Also, my new furniture is to be here sometime this week, I can't wait!

And then SATURDAY!!!  3 out of four of my best friends from high school will be here! Wish Tina was coming but she is going to be gone. I am having a friend of mine from work who does spa parties come that afternoon and give us some pampering. I am so excited and can't wait. The last time we were all in the same room at the same time was Tammy's wedding, 22 years ago.

So, this afternoon Andrew and I are headed to the Muny, looking forward to it, NOT looking forward to the drive home. I thought about getting a room and just coming home early in the morning but I figured there was a big chance we wouldn't get to sleep in a strange bed anyway so we are just going to take turns driving and make it home. When Robert and I go, he drives home, I am gonna miss that!

Happy Saturday!

OH, BTW, You can read my blog on your mobile phone now. it is set up with a special app to make it more user friendly. I put it on Andrew's and it works really well!

AND ONE MORE THING--- This week I hit over 30,000 hits to my I meet people a lot who I've never met before who are "blogstalkers", so give me a shoutout once in a while!

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