Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 4th, Better Late than Never

I meant to get this blogged Thursday morning, Andrew was the photographer that day though and my request to get all the photos to me by 5 am on Thursday apparently fell on deaf ears. So, I finally have them.

We started out the 4th with a trip to the Lincoln Museum. Janette had never been there so it was something I really wanted her to see. She was as impressed as I believed she would be. We got there about 10:30 and started home a little after 3. I think on top of everything else, that museum is just the right size that you can see everything and be there just the right amount of time.  Of course pictures in the museum are limited so we each got our pictures taken with the Lincolns to commemorate our visit.

We arrived back home around 6 and left around 7 for Olney, we ate supper at the Chinese restaurant and then watched the fireworks. I know they don't compare to places like St. Louis but I think for a small town, they do a really good job.

The rest of the week has been kind of a blur. Work took some turns this week that threw some rocks in the cogs but I got through it, just stayed very busy but at the same time got many things accomplished. I love coming home with that sense of accomplishment.

So today is a typical Saturday. The big news of the day is I am sick of my hair and have a feeling before the day is over, it is going to be a LOT shorter. I have loved being able to braid it and put it up but even looking at the pictures from Wednesday shows me that I don't like it plastered to my head like that and would rather have it short with some height to it. So, I don't even know where I am getting it cut, probably someplace in Effingham where I can just walk in and do it but I am pretty sure today is the day.

That's about it for now, happy Saturday!

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