Saturday, June 9, 2012

What I'm crossing off:

1) Paint the porch
2) Sign up for a 5K (yes, I would have to be doing better physically, but may do it anyway)
3) go geocaching with our AWANA kids
4) buy a lounge chair for the back yard and take a nap (actually did that yesterday!)
5) have a yard sale
6) Visit Springfield's Lincoln Museum==6-18-12
7) Coordinate a Girl's day out with my HS BFF's- DATE SET!
8) make Andrew licorice caramels 6-16-12
9) organize the garage 6-9-2012
10) get a pedicure
11) catch up on my scrapbooking
12) make a summer reading list
13) start a new Women of Faith Bible Study  6-7-2012
14) Go to at least 1 auction
15) Make a scrapbook of Robert's car for him
16) Visit New Harmony
17) have a picnic
18) take an aimless road trip
19) make nutella fudge bars 6-9-2012 YUM!!!
20) make our name out of pictures that I have found--going to look for a couple of letters in
        New Orleans!
21) Visit Indianapolis
22) 2 crochet projects done (for my pay it forward promise from fb)
23) revamp my laundry room
24) help Andrew make a new headboard
25) sew Robert a vest (it's cut out, just not started)
26) Visit the Muny
27) Visit the Fox
28) Make myself a new outfit
29) revamp our exercise room--STARTED!
30) try my hand at making a necklace ( I used to, just haven't forever)

Actually quite proud of how well this is coming together!  I know it wasn't on it but my craft room, even though I had moved down there, I wasn't thoroughly organized, we got started on that today too. This is fun!

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