Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

One more thing off the bucket list, I made Andrew his licorice caramels for Father's Day. Yeah, I think I'm gonna have a productive summer!

Father's Day, this year, I have watched my son's father be the epitome of a Christian man through great turmoil. I watched as something he knew would happen because of company politics came crashing down around his feet. I watched as he accepted that God had other plans for us and we moved on. I watched as he didn't let days of discouragement turn into an attitude of being discouraged, but to one of clinging closer to God.

And then I watched as God did amazing things in our lives.......showing us, once again, what he has showed us for years that yes, you need money to survive, but it doesn't define who you are or what you are a capable of. And I honestly believe because we took that attitude, the Lord blessed us with everything we could possible need or want.

Andrew loves the new job, he loves that it is so stress-free compared to what he had been doing. He also loves that it is going to give him the opportunity to finish his bachelor's degree, something he always regretted not doing.

God has plans for us, and sometimes I feel like he has to grab us by the shoulders and shake us to get us to really listen. I don't feel like there was ever a moment we believed we would lose everything or anything like that. I did wonder if we were going to be the statistic that I always tell people who are so quick to judge my clients, that most of the world is a couple of paychecks from needing help. We made it, the profit sharing check is being cut tomorrow and we made it.

So, on with our new plans. Before everyone starts talking about us blowing all of our money, I think I better explain what our plans are, then if you hear someone talking about us, you can tell them how it is.

In the next month, we are going to be getting a couple of different vehicle's, one for Robert, of course and a truck for Andrew. If you remember, Robert totalled his car the Saturday before Andrew lost his job. Since school was almost out, we decided it would be best to struggle through on two vehicles until the profit sharing stuff got straightened up; the difference between taking out a bank loan or just paying for a brainer in my book. The jeep gets 12 mile to the gallon. Andrew is wanting a pickup that gets around 20-22, so we are keeping the jeep because it has been paid for forever and we might as well have a spare vehicle, then we are getting Robert a car and Andrew a truck. The truck will pay for itself in gas alone in no time since Andrew is driving 52 miles a day. Since we are getting a truck, there is no need for me to have the van, so I am thinking around Christmas going back to a smaller vehicle for me, that gets better gas mileage too. I used to use my van a lot for work but we  enough fleet vehicles available now that if I need to tote around computers, it won't be a problem.

So, we are doing all of this as a way to save when you hear least you know the truth. Didn't really mean to get off on that tangent but oh well.

On to another exciting week. I have a doctor's appointment in Springfield tomorrow so Robert and I are taking in the Lincoln Library, one more thing on my list. Tuesday through Thursday, I have to get ready for the LIHEAP conference, I am on a panel of presenters for "Lessons Learned from PIPP". I have four topics to cover. I also am still working on getting the PIPP files in pristine shape for monitoring and I start class for Experience Works the day after I come home from the conference. Since the Experience Works class is paid directly, I will be doing all the prep work after hours this time. So, a couple of busy weeks until the end of the month. I knew June was going to be hectic, and it the same time, I am so thankful and grateful for all the things I get to do.

Happy Father's Day everyone, and Happy Sunday!

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