Monday, February 25, 2013

Onward, forward, shout a loud hosanna.

Sorry about the title, I started to just write Onward and Upward but the words from an old favorite hymn just found their way to the blank. Today has been one heck of a Monday! I feel like I hit the ground running at work today and never slowed down. We have had some grand moving days at work lately and the final step was to bring the desk out in our open area to the Newton Sr. Center. The guys, being the good guys they are, came up and got the desk all loaded onto the trailer and we left for Newton about 2:30. We left the senior center at 4:15, I had one more errand to run and when we finished that, I had to decide what to do about Weight Watchers. I stepped on the scale real quick and saw it wasn't going to be a good time at weigh-in, if I went. Now mind you, I have been good. I did the treadmill for 20 hard minutes this morning, my activelink recorded 33% of my required movement was done in that 20 minutes. I ate a yogurt and a banana for breakfast and two hard boiled eggs, zucchini sticks, cottage cheese and rice cakes for lunch. It would have been an award winning week if my body was not being pumped full of steroids everyday. Instead, the scales were showing almost 2 lbs up from week before last, when I miraculously lost weight  by cheating myself and the weight watchers program because I quite simply didn't eat. I was miserable and I knew I couldn't keep doing that so I went back to my points and my exercises and faced the fact that my weigh-ins would be tainted for 6 more weeks. So, as I debated about whether or not to go, Robert says, "Mom, just go, you have to keep going". Hmmmm....hearing the same words I have said a million times come out of his mouth made all the difference. So I went, sure enough up 1.8 lbs. BUT, since the hospital ordeal, I have only gained 4 lbs. One good week sans prednisone and I KNOW I will be back on track.

I opened my success notebook during my meeting today and this faced me.

Now, I look at this and I think, in that first one, she is TRYING to make herself look as fat as she can. Sadly, I spoke at the LIHEAP conference last year and they asked for a picture to go with my bio. I had Robert take it one morning and I can guarantee you, I was sucking my gut in. I didn't in the second one, I just had him take it for this book, you keep changing the "during" picture as you see changes. Robert was the funny one because I had handed him the before picture so he could see where to stand to take the during picture. He took the picture and then looked at the other one and said, "Oh wow, Mom".'s to the Onward and Upward part. Today, I dropped from 15 mg of prednisone to 10, I am hoping this is low enough to let me start losing again. I had lost on 15 before but my doctor had to remind me that because I am not having diarrhea, my body is actually absorbing the nutrients it had been starved of because it wasn't having a chance.
I know you have been seeing the commercials for the Weight Watchers 360. After all these years, WW feels like they have the food part down correctly, so we still do points plus values and it works. The 360 has been added to help change your lifestyle and habits. Each month, we have a new habit to learn. I have to tell you, December was "Pack a snack". Learn to take a healthy, plan happy, snack with you anytime you go somewhere. I carry WW minibars with me all the time. So, last Monday, when we went to Springfield, the guys had Auntie Ann's to the tune of 18 points plus a piece. I had a minibar, 2 points--yeah me!

This months habit has been to plan you activity for tomorrow. I have gotten pretty good about that and I am a planaholic, so today, I planned my workout sessions for March. Gina gave me a Bravo for it, and now that will help me stick with it because she WILL ask me at the end of March how that worked.

So, with it being the end of February, I have been going to Weight Watchers for 7 months, 2 of them spinning my wheels because of the UC but I can't imagine what I would look like now if I hadn't went. I KNOW the days in the hospital would have led to me overeating and even more so when I came home. I have a feeling I would now be over 300 lbs. My new goal is to be back on track and down 50 lbs by the first day of April. I CAN do this. I WILL do this!

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