Saturday, January 29, 2011

Learning my Lesson

Never ever, ever, ever imply that life is uneventful. Lesson learned. Apparently in God's eyes, that is not a good thing for the Browning family. Last Saturday I basically stated that and this week truly became more eventful.

Sunday evening, on our way home from church, we spotted a car in the ditch. We stopped and it was a girl from Oblong, just a year older than Robert. She had spun 5 times according to her tracks. She was pretty shaken up but it couldn't have happened at a better time. An hour later, her car was out (thanks to other members of our church), parked at our house for the night and she was on her way home with friends who had met us at the Y to get her.

Monday night, 8 p.m. I get a phone call from Andrew, "I need you to come and get me", "Why" I asked. "The jeep isn't moving". Great. So, I loaded up and went and got him. Tuesday, a wrecker brought the thing home. Wednesday, Andrew dug into it and found that it needed a new diff and new ring and pinion.

To top the week off, on Thursday, Robert's water pump bit the dust. He had his final therapy Friday evening so I was hoping that at least could be fixed in time for him to go to therapy. It was, and the truck has recovered. Unfortunately, nobody around here carries the parts we needed for the jeep. They are ordered, hoping and praying they get here by Tuesday, Andrew's next day off.

So, just trying to get everyone where they need to be when they need to be there has been fun this week. We own four vehicles and had to borrow Mom's car, not good. At least Robert was able to get the truck running pretty quick, so it is a good sign that he is going into the right field. Heck, his dad alone will be able to keep him in business.

I do have to admit, I got an incredible amount done at work this week. I came home every night and crashed instead of doing anything around here but the list I got marked off this week made it worth it. I finally have 17 of our Head Start centers online. This completed the task of having every building ERBA occupies on the internet. The Head Start centers were the last to come on, but I finished the last one this week. I also installed a new system for one of the centers, installed new software for another, installed a new DVD drive for one of the field offices, finished getting all our computer lab computers converted to Windows 7 and started a new inventory system just for the computers, this to be in compliance with Homeland Security rules. That was just the IT side of my job.

My LIHEAP side was just as productive, this in light of the State of the Union Address where President Obama announce he would be making cuts to Community Action programs. Yes, that us. Cuts to Unemployment AND available assistance. I believe we are going into scary times. Desperate people do desperate things, after all, they get to thinking they have nothing to lose.

This coming week really is going to be an adventure. Tomorrow our church ladies are hosting a baby shower for Dailene and Anna Mae Kemper. Tomorrow evening, we are having our Valentine's dinner at church, followed by the Angela Lilly Trio Concert at 6:30 ( Come out at 6:30 to hear them at the Hidalgo Independent Christian Church, they are great!). Monday evening, Robert auditions for Footloose, his final high school musical. Tuesday, we get the results. Wednesday, we are having "Wii" night for the high schoolers. Thursday, I travel to Springfield for an energy roundtable. Yep, this is more a normal week in the Browning house. Hopefully by the end of this week we will be back to 3 vehicles and a little closer to having a new bathroom.

Happy Saturday, y'all.

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