Saturday, February 12, 2011

Catching up

It feels like I have been playing "catch-up" ever since the ice storm. Being home two days should have at least made a difference here but somehow, we spent most of our time "vegging out" and watching movies. It was good to just relax though.

Musical tryouts finally happened this week. Robert was cast as Coach Roger Dunlap. I know he was hoping for a larger part this year but there are truly no small parts, as he knows. It takes everybody to make the play happen. Once the kids get into practicing, it is more about getting to spend time together and making memories than it is about who is doing what.  Coach Dunlap is a challenging part too as he has to deliver some pretty dramatic lines. Funny, when we watched Footloose in St. Louis at one point in time, Robert leaned over and said "What a jerk!" Now Robert has to get the right mindset to deliver those lines so everyone in our audience will think the same thing.

I have tried to nail down what is happening for the next few weeks as the schedule fills up again. My worst discovery----Robert graduates from high school 14 weeks from tomorrow; which means 14 weeks from today I am having him a graduation party. That makes life a little brighter. 14 weeks from today, I am hoping we will have gotten pretty use to 70 and low 80 degree weather. That part puts a smile on my face.  Hopefully, a couple weeks after that, we will be heading east to take Robert back to where he was born. Looking very forward to our family vacation this year.

Between now and then there are several other big events for our house. Next Wednesday, the 16th, Robert auditions for scholarships at OCC. He is auditioning for band and chorus both. We find out sometime after March 1. On the 18th, Andrew and I travel to Evansville to see the pain specialist again. I have to admit, right at the moment, this guy is one of our favorite people as he has found Andrew some relief that last more than a few hours.

On the 24th, Andrew is having a sleep study, I bet I won't sleep that night as I will be home alone.

On the 26th, one of my "other" son's, Trygve Butler, goes through his Eagle Scout ceremony. Way to go, Trygve!

March 5th is our AWANA grand prix, one of my favorite days of the year. I have even decided to build a car this year--my very first and I know we have been doing this at least 10 years.

 Footloose will be presented the 14th-17th of April, then Easter is the next week, so our church Cantata will be in there sometime.

Friday, May 6th will be Robert's final concerts at the High School.

May 15th will be our annual Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies conference, I will get home on Wednesday and then Robert's party and graduation is that weekend.

See, makes for some busy times. These are the times I love though. I don't know what I will do when life isn't so busy. Robert going to OCC and being in band and chorus both though, I am looking forward to still having busy schedules the next couple of years.

So, that's life in a nutshell. Working on scrapbooking, bunches of stuff I want to get completed before the party. Yes, that's the grand countdown, everything is based around having everything picture perfect.

Happy Saturday!

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