Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life goes on, and on, and on.......

11 days without a blog post. I hate to say it but things are unusually calm around here. Not much overly adventurous going on. Robert is doing therapy and doing well. I believe he will end up making this stick for a lifetime.

Andrew and I traveled to Evansville yesterday to see the pain doctor. He told Andrew he thinks his back pain is being triggered by migraines. It sounds weird but Andrew used to have migraines that were out of this world, and they stopped. So to us, it makes perfect sense. The big problem is the pain medicine they gave him is out of stock in this part of the world. Andrew called every Walmart within 75 miles, the CVS here in town, the Medicine Shoppe, Harmon's. The soonest anyone can get it is next Wednesday. Not great since he goes back to work tomorrow. Doc also thinks he has sleep apnea, which he says can intensify pain. I totally agree. He does the snoring, quit snoring, snoring thing a LOT. He will have a sleep study done soon and hopefully that will improve his energy level all together. Then he could feel like taking care of himself.

There isn't even anything overly exciting going on at work right now. Day to day, getting things done.

The bathroom is still progressing, Andrew tiled the box around the tub. I love it just as much as all the other tile. I hope he is planning on putting the glass tile up today on the "T" between the shower and tub and over them, Then he will be ready to grout FINALLY!

I think he will have the tile 100% by next Friday. Then on to the floor, the sink and a new light fixture.

Yes the end is in sight and I get more excited with every project getting finished.

 Musical tryouts were originally to be last Thursday evening, the music was late getting here so they have been rescheduled for the 31st. We have a baby shower and a Valentine's Banquet at church a week from tomorrow so that should be a fun, busy day although Andrew won't get to come to the Banquet.

Guess that's about it.

Happy least I posted :-)

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