Monday, April 16, 2012

A New Chapter

What a difference a week makes. I have always said 10 seconds can change your life. This week's 10 seconds came in a form I didn't ever imagine. Andrew lost his job. He has taken the high road though and that is just one more thing that makes him as perfect as a human can get in my eyes. He made a mistake on a gun sale and the day he found out he did it, he told me he would be fired over it. He told me he would terminate anyone else for the same mistake. So, when he called on Thursday, fear set in for about 5 minutes and then I had an overwhelming calm, it was almost embarrassing as I thought of all the reasons this might not be so bad.

We are planners, the me of we are planners anyway and I left work as soon as I heard and we came home and started planning. We were within 2 hours of going and getting Robert another vehicle. I had permission from the bank to just go ahead and write the check and we would take care of the loan after we got the car home. It wasn't a big loan by any means but it was still a loan and one that we could finagle without for a few months. One less thing to worry about.

So now tomorrow starts phase 2, his first interviews. Do any of us want to venture a guess at how many interviews he has been on the asking end of over the last 27 years? Tons; however, the other side of the desk; not so many. I know he is nervous. I know one of the jobs in particular would be something that he would just love, the other one would be good too though and I believe he could make a name and a career for himself in either one.

Tonight, we have the shirts ironed (the "one" and a spare), pants ironed, hair cut, resumes printed, references printed, folders organized and his portfolio ready.  I am thinking I should have him star repeating "The rain in Spain......"

I wish I were scared, I feel silly not being scared and maybe if he goes for a while and doesn't get a job, I will start being but God has given me this uncanny sense of calm.

The only time I lost it today was about 5 minutes out from work, listening to the Message on Sirius XM and Casting Crown's "Praise You in This Storm" came on. I have always loved that song but today it cut me to the quick because we are praising him in this storm.

I will leave you with it.

Casting Crowns-Praise you in this Storm from pam1983 on GodTube.

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