Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still here....

Good Morning again from San Antonio. It has been a great week and I have learned so much. Two things of great interest. We have one propane company that gives us fits, they are in 35-40 states and are the second largest propane company in the nation. We have had problems with them for years, apparently the Attorney General of four other states have them under investigation for deceptive practice. YES!!! Another BIG thing we are learning about is the Smart Grid, along with Smart Meters. You want to talk about something up for debate--this is it. To my friends who worry about the government knowing too much of your business, just wait until these come to town. So far, I'm not honestly seeing the benefits. What I have seen will not conserve any energy, just change it and make more money for the utility companies. Basically, part of the program will be to charge a high rate for electricity during the day and a lower one at night, some are even talking about a graded scale, so if you really want to save money, you will get up at 2AM and do your dishes and laundry.

On a lighter note, we went to Tower of the Americas last night. Very nice.
The big rectangle in the center of the picture is our hotel. The Hyatt, it is built looking over the Alamo, the funny thing is, when they went to start building it, San Antonio realized that if they built it too big, it would cast a shadow on the Alamo. They informed them that if there was even one shadow on the Alamo, they would have the building destroyed. So, the building ended up not being near as big as they planned.
They went around the corner of the Riverwalk and built this one. So there are two Hyatt's within a half a mile of each other, smartly, this one is on the North side of the Alamo, and two more blocks away!

Tomorrow at this time, I will be more than half way back to St. Louis. Our plane leaves at 6:10, scheduled to arrive at 9:38. Plan on being back in Newton around noon. I have had a wonderful trip, still look forward to a good day of workshops today and then hopefully take in the Japanese Gardens this evening. I am starting to get homesick for my guys and my mom though.
Happy Wednesday!

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