Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our week in Review

I hate when I get behind on my blogging and this has been one of those weeks; no good excuses, not overly busy right now, just taking a breather. BTW, I have tried and tried to get my blog "unattached" from facebook. I thought it was a neat idea at the time but now, there are things I wish to say on my blog that I don't necessarily need to say on facebook. I have changed every setting I can think of on both my blog and facebook. Bottom line: facebook is holding my blog hostage. Oh well....if anyone knows of something else to try, fill me in.

The pictures are from IMEA last weekend. What a show! These pictures are of the chorus concert. 225 high school choral students from our district--the best of the best and the songs proved it. All the songs were good but there was one that was an african piece that I hope to hear again sometime in my life. It was just so cool!

Robert had a great time, memories he will keep for a lifetime.

Once again, Thanksgiving came and went and I didn't get any pictures taken. We had a great day. Andrew of course, had to work the night before so he came home and went to bed. My mom came down and helped me get started cleaning out the attic. You know how there is always one room in your house that just seems to be a catch-all? I have one that runs the entire length of my house--it ain't pretty. It is getting better but we still have a LONG way to go--and a BIG yard sale in the spring!

Black Friday: This was such a weird year for us and Black Friday. At first, I had decided not to go at all because it was Andrew's birthday. Then, his dad sent our Christmas present ($$$$) and we decided that we wanted to get a tv for our bedroom. I was thinking a nice little 19 inch. Andrew was thinking a little bigger--a 32 inch. And of course, the 32 inch was on sale during the "Yearly Event" (Walmart's new code for BLITZ). Sooo, I decided we would just go get the tv and come home. Then Andrew tells me if his birthday was on any other day, I would be at work when he came home so we might as well go shopping if we wanted to, he was fine as long as we were home for dinner that night. Robert and I ususally go to St. Louis, but we wanted to be in Robinson at 5:00, so we originally decided Indy, then we realized there was stuff we wanted at Tuscola so it was a no brainer to just head to Champaign. Of course, we weren't "looking" for anything, if I could get ahold of the tv, I had everything I had planned to do that day finish. At 10 til 4, I walked into Walmart, got my ticket, got in line and knew I had nabbed a tv, just had to wait until 5 to pick it up. We found tons of bargains and made it home in time to get Andrew up and have dinner with him--and give him his cake--a pineapple cheesecake.

He got new driving lights for his jeep as his present.

We have finished the week off by getting the Christmas decorations up, hooked up our tv in the bedroom and Andrew and Robert got his new lights on.

Grandpa, we gave Robert a third of the Christmas money and he bought a new Call of Duty game for the Wii and a pair of Docker Sunglasses. Thank you!

This week looks right now to be a calm one--hope it stays that way!

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