Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Good morning from Springfield!

Day 2 of our annual IACAA conference, which means Sunday night was our Family of Distinction Banquet. The banquet was good as always, lots of people making it because our agencies believed in them. Helping People, Changing Lives.

Our own award recipient couldn't come. He first came into our offices for assistance because the factory he was working at closed. Through our programs, he got his CDL license, was in Wyoming to see his sons and was offered a job by a trucking company out there! So, on top of everything else, he now gets to be with his family!

I love happy endings.

If you are with me on facebook, you know I love skylines too, I am on the 25th floor this time, and I always manage to get in room 1,2, 17, or 18. I love this because you can see the Capitol out all of those windows. Normally, when I am here, I wonder about the law process, knowing that what I do each day is to help change lives, but knowing what THEY do definitely changes lives. I still can't believe that the past two weeks, I have been inside that building, participating in the process. It is so incredibly humbling to me that God would let me have this life. I truly do feel like we made a difference. Helping People, Changing Lives.

I am posting a picture of the night skyline as well. I had sent a picture of my view to Andrew on Sunday evening, he showed it to my mom and Mom told him about me always watching the lights. I think watching the world go by might be as relaxing to me as some people sitting on the beach. One time, when one of my uncles was in the hospital at Barnes, in St. Louis, we got a room in Queeny Towers, it was either on the top floor or very close. Of course, the interstate ran right in front of Barnes. There was about a 12 inch ledge on the inside of our window. I laid on that ledge and watched the traffic for hours. So, I spent each evening just sitting for at least a half hour, watching the world go by. Still mesmerizes me, but still makes me incredibly thankful that God lets me do what I do.

Today is the last day of the conference, in fact, for the first time in a long time, I don't know if I will be back in Springfield at all this month, more than likely yes, but I have nothing scheduled yet. Wait and see.

As we personally are learning to adjust to the ins and outs of owning our own business, the biggest adjustment is to worrying that Andrew won't have jobs. I get pretty scared, and pretty down even though I try not to. Gone (at least for a while) are the days when if I didn't feel like cooking, we just went out. I truly wish I would have had more discipline then and not spent the money, but life is a learning process and so I lived and I have learned.  I always used to budget every penny, and I still did even after things got easier, I just didn't stick to it like I probably should have. A few weeks ago, Randy Black spoke at our church, and preached on God's grace being sufficient. He kinda blew a whole thing for me because I had always thought I would write an entire book on when God says no. Randy blew the whole idea because that book can be summed up in 4 little words: "My grace is sufficient". So, Sunday morning as I was reading (after paying bills on Saturday morning), I came across 2 Corinthians 12. Lo and behold, there it was, My grace is sufficient. Then yesterday morning, I thought I was on Chapter 13 and was on 12, so He said it to me again. I get the picture. Once again, I know we are going to be just fine.

So, now I am packed and ready for the final day and then to head toward home. I've learned some things at the conference, but I've learned a lot in that quiet down-time I've had here in my room this week.

Happy Tuesday!

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