Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Wow this year is flying by!  Can't believe its the 4th of July already! Just a "touch base" post here.

Our house:
We had insulation put in, and since I thought we were getting siding pretty quickly, I told the guys not to worry about camoflauging the disks, well, sidings gonna take a little longer so we officially live in the Bumble Bee house. No biggie though. The person I had asked to do the siding, weighed the pros and cons and with the size of his crew (only 2 of them) and the miles to drive (from north of Greenup), he decided it wouldn't be cost effective for either one of us, and I totally appreciate that. He said with just the two of them, he thought it would take them months. Which is EXACTLY why we didn't do it ourselves, we live on the main drag, I don't want torn up for months. So, plan B has now turned into plan C and I THINK we have a guy coming next week to look at both the siding and roof. His comment to me last night was, "I hope we can agree on a price". I think that's code for "it's gonna cost A LOT!" I hope I'm ready for this. We want it done so badly!

Our furnace, a/c. heat pump and humidifier are all in, they just need non-rainy days to put it in. Hopefully next week. Basically the same goes for our gravel.

I am thinking of all the money we are saving right now not having A/C. It hasn't been really hot so that's good.

So today, we spent at my mom's, working on her house. We are putting a new floor in her back porch. When that is done, she needs a new ceiling. We got a few boards past half way today. We will work on it Sunday afternoon and then Andrew will finish up on his next day off.

We are waiting on a letter of recommendation for Robert to put with his resume for his job hunt. He is hoping to start looking next week.

On the Weight Watchers front, I was down 47 lbs on Monday, so I am working feverishly to get that 50 lb mark. I have it here at home, but it honestly takes two pounds down from that for it to hit it at Weight Watchers. Andrew was down 8.7 lbs. This morning, he was down about 3 more lbs here. Hopefully, we both have good weeks! I have set a series of goals. One for our getaway weekend the 27th of July, One for the Ameren meeting the 28th of August and one for our trip to McAlister September 12th. If I make all of them, it will take me down another almost 25 lbs. It feels so good to be back in the swing, my UC isn't misbehaving at all which opens the doors for me to really concentrate on exercise and staying on program.

So tomorrow, I head for Charleston to install a network printer. It is going to be a big job and I am a bit concerned over it. I am praying it all goes the way it is supposed to.

Tonight, we stayed home, we were all so tired from working at Mom's that we came home, cleaned up and sat. We did watch a Capitol Fourth. It was good to see some, eventhough, I felt guilty about not going somewhere. I went out on the porch a little too late and realized if I would have went out with the first boom I heard, we probably would have had a full show.

That's our weekly nutshell. Sorry nothing more interesting. It's been a crazy week. We got told we are doing a cooling program at work (starting July 15th). The worst part of this is I haven't taken a vacation in well over a year, I haven't even taken a day off that I haven't made myself available to work. I had planned on taking the 22nd-26th and turning my phone off. Well, cooling ends the 26th, so that blew vacation. I have enough projects for Head Start after that to keep me busy until the beginning of LIHEAP. I may try to stuff a bunch of stuff into a few days and at least take a few days but it can't be a whole week. Oh well.....such is life.

Maybe at Christmas this year.... I normally take a week at Christmas but last year, it was Brenda's last week, so I didn't. Not complaining because I love my job, just a bit disappointed.

Happy Friday everyone!

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