Friday, May 25, 2012

Here I am

I think this is the longest I have went without posting on my blog since the beginning of the year. I'm slipping. It has been a rough week UC-wise. I have had a flare but it is different than normal. GRAPHIC ALERT: Usually, when I flare, it consists of explosive, bloody diarrhea, this time, it consisted of sever, painful constipation, then when I was productive, it was still the bloody, loose stools. I was really afraid I had blockage, which is something to worry about with UC, which leads to having your color removed.  END OF GRAPHIC ALERT Last Saturday morning was the absolute worst and I seriously considered having Andrew take me to the hospital. I stuck it out though and Monday morning called my doctor. He thought I was probably majorly inflammed though. Through the other life events taking place at my house, I recently changed insurances to my work's insurance. We have a high deductible, I am VERY THANKFUL to have insurance but am not used to this. When I went to get the medicine the doctor prescribed, it was $700. They kept it. I am taking high doses of fiber to help the situation and though it wasn't helping much, it was at least making a little difference. Anyway, Wednesday evening, the doctor's office called and they had found a much less expensive substitute. I have taken 2 doses now and it is working, at a price of $54. Much better isn't even the right words.

I guess there has been a lot going on to stress my bowels out. Honestly, I am still doling Andrew's final paycheck out into the budget so we still haven't seen any effects yet of his job loss. He has a couple of good nibbles so hopefully by the time the paycheck runs out, he will have a new one. He is having to fight unemployment, I hate that, but we knew he would. He has a hearing next Tuesday. It is way more the principal of the thing than the money. Walmart has accused him of doing something on purpose that was wholeheartedly an accident. He has never claimed he didn't make a mistake, but everyone who knows him, including the ones accusing him should know he has always been such a stickler for policy that he would never do anything willingly against it.

Before we started dating, we liked each other but I knew, because we both knew the policy, that he would never ask me out as long as he was an assistant and I was an hourly in the same store. The night I officially left the Effingham Walmart to go to work in Decatur, he asked me out.

Our grant's manager and friend, Art Warnke is working his last day before retired life today. I don't talk about my job often because I honestly love it so much I feel like I am bragging when I do, but so many of the things I get to do is because Art believed in me. I will miss him, a lot.

On my way to Tuscola today to give a computer final to one of my two students. She is having a C-section next Tuesday afternoon, our final class is next Tuesday night and I wanted her to accomplish this before the baby gets here.

Well, already late getting ready, better get on the ball......Happy Friday!

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