Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nearing the End

This past weekend was Robert's last U of I competition. Thought I would share....Under the tunnel, anyone who has ever had this experience KNOWS what is going through their minds right now. I don't think I was ever in so much awe as being a freshman and realizing just how big this place was.

I think this is the first time I had really seen Robert more nervous than me about his performance. As we were waiting to start, one of my friends turned around and asked if I was about ready to throw up. Normally, that is EXACTLY how I feel, I get more nervous than he does. Of course, this solo hasn't been without event. The first competition, the Blue Angels were flying over as they were performing, The second competition, Robert passed out before performing and was scared to death we wouldn't let him march. This one, I was just emotional. Band means every bit as much to the kid as it did to me and that in itself made it impossible for me to hold back tears during Saturday's performance.

The band literally leaves Logan and Robert out there all by themselves, they all head off toward the left. The neatest thing is though, at the end of their solos, the band comes back up and Robert leads half off to the left and Logan leads the other half off to the right. I wish someone would post the video on Youtube for all of the Alumni Newton Marching Eagles.

We don't go anywhere this weekend and then next weekend, the 30th is Oblong. The kids are planning on having a wonderful time with this. I got a message from a fellow Alumni Marching Eagle asking about the band.

We have 114 this year and growing. I am so very excited about Mr. Ridlen and Mr. Finley. They LOVE marching band and they love our kids. I am looking so forward to seeing what happens. I think the thing I love the most is they are both wanting to embrace the legacy that some of us had created for them. I feel like the past few years had been more about forgetting it.

When I was in high school, you would tell a stranger you were from Newton and the first thing they would say is "Are you in the band?" I wholeheartedly feel like that day will come again.


Amber M said...

Mindy, I must say your post almost brought tears to my eyes and I don't even know why. I guess I am just proud to have a niece be part of the NEWTON MARCHING EAGLES and know that she got to... I assume, sort of, kind of meet Robert. I know she knows him anyway. I am so proud to know you and Drew and know what a great son that two have raised. I also know that people around all sorts of places know that Newton has always had a great band, that is something everyone that has been in band should be proud of.

Browningblog said...

Hey Amber, Thank you! And I am pretty sure Robert knows Kierstyn. I take it Kierstyn and Bridgette are close and Bridgette sat with us Saturday at the band competition because she is friends with Robert's girlfriend, Krystyna Weiscope. I know they are fb friends too. Those band kids are pretty close-knit.