Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Saturday to Remember

First of Congrats to the Newton Marching Eagles. 1st in EVERYTHING in their class at the Effingham competition. They brought home five trophys; music, color guard, percussion, drum major, and first overall. Newton is back and that honestly makes me tear up for more reasons than just my kid being in the band!

Robert gave everyone a scare while they were warming up, apparently he passed out and Mr. Ridlen was sure we was having a seizure. When he came out of it, he doesn't remember what happened. I am pretty sure he was dehydrated. In our family, of course we always worry about sugar but he came out of it without eating anything and when I asked him how much he had drank compared to normal, we realized it probably wasn't nearly enough.

We tanked him up on water and he was able to do his solo and march the show without any problems. His and Logan's solos were both AWESOME last night!

This was all after a week of the band director having surgery to remove kidney stones on Thursday. His first year of being the band director will be one to remember too! I was so proud of his dedication to the kids though part of me really hopes he didn't push it too far yesterday and I am hoping and praying he is RESTING today. I didn't get the Newton Exhibition packet to him yesterday from our own competition so he can't worry about that one until Monday.

1st competition of his senior year: competing with the Blue Angels. 2nd competition, he passes out. He definately is making this a year to remember.

I think he has learned his lesson though and hopefully will pay more attention to the amount of fluids he is taking in.

I don't have pictures of the competition. I am waiting on my sister to make it down and get some really good ones.

I got another "last" over with, it is one I will miss but I am REALLY glad it's done. Our own band classic is in the books, and I have served my last year helping with the tabulation. In fact, Glenna, the one taking over for me, put all the scores in yesterday, I just double checked them....which means I slept last night. I normally don't sleep from the time those scores go in until Monday afternoon when I know nobody has called and thrown a fit over the results. We actually had one judge that added wrong on two of his score sheets yesterday, so if we hadn't done our jobs correctly, there could have been some unhappy people.

So today I am truly planning a day of rest and this week as well.

If you get a chance, we go to Robinson next weekend. I personally believe we will do well there. If you haven't had a chance to hear the Newton Marching Eagles, you should make a date to come and see. Our performance time is 7:30, we are the last band to march!

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