Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 Things About Me!

Please don't break the cycle... it is fun to learn different things about our friends!

1. Three names I go by: Mindy, Mom, Sweetheart

2. Three places I've lived: Newton, Hidalgo, Altamont

3. Three places I've worked: Hardee's, Wal-Mart, ERBA (yes, my friend Amber actually typed the first two, but I worked there too)

4. Three places I have been on vacation: Florida, Michigan, Ohio

5. Three people that email me regularly: Nila, Amy, Vaneta

6. Three things I love to eat: chocolate, alfredo, ice cream

7. Three people I think will repost: not sure, but I want everyone to

8. Three things I am looking forward to: Saturday, looking forward to it getting here, and then looking forward to getting through it! (does that count as two?) 12 days from now, when my right hand gets back from maternity leave, October 11th--Covered Bridge!

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