Saturday, March 20, 2010

Answer: Wheeeeeeeee

Question: What did the snail say when he took a ride on the turtle's back?

I feel like I have been on the back of maybe a panther. It seems I have a couple of times a year that things start feeling like they are spiraling out of control, I seem to be in one of them.

I spent the 8th-11th in Springfield at the LIHEAP conference. Lots of big changes coming. I volunteered to help with one of them and when I started getting emails on it last week, realized I am one of 5 in the state that will serve as a focus group. It will be a project where my LIHEAP world and my IT world combine, so though it is another thing on my plate, I am looking very forward to the end result.

I start classes again on the 30th. Right now I have 4 students, I have been hoping for at least 6, we shall see. We also decided last week we would seek accreditation for the classes, which means I may have a few more hoops to jump through over the next few months. I doubt if we can get it done for this group of students but it would be nice if down the road it could happen. I can't imagine what it would do for our clients to have a little college credit under them.

Our Grants Manager is spending most of the week with us next week, monitoring files, making sure we all know how to do our jobs and aren't doing anything contrary to our grant. For the last 4 months, our program has been number 1 in the state in several areas. Eventhough we get along great with Art, I know his job is to find something. My job is to make sure there is nothing to find. It is still nerve racking. Last year, I had a denied application that was missing one form it needed in it. I fixed it and it was marked corrected before the visit was over but I still liked to died over it. I will be happier next Thursday.

Today, we went and bought a new sofa and loveseat. I hate spending money. I fret over it, and now, eventhough I love what we got, I am second guessing whether or not we should have done it. It was even on sale, so I should be happy and I will love it once it gets here, I just freak out a little in the "adjusting" phase.

Here is a stock picture; we don't have anyplace for the regular recliner so we didn't get it and ours is a tweedy brown (think Chrissy with brown specks) It should be here in 4-6 weeks.

Robert is gone every night right now, between musical and church. His favorite time of year though. I haven't been down to watch practice, I try not to go too much so I get the full effect. He has practice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Awana on Wednesday, helps with sets on Friday and church on Sunday. I don't know what he feels like he is riding, but in his "spare" time this week, he has put something or other new on his transmission, built a new tv stand for the basement, helped Nana burn some brush, and has done several loads of laundry for me. He and Jacob went to Effingham tonight for supper and to run around after practice. I had told Andrew I bet they would be home by 9, he walked in the door about a quarter til. I kinda gave him a hard time about it and he informed me they had both had long days, it was good to go but it was good to come home too. Yes, I have a stepford child. Don't ask me how he got that way, I was usually pulling in the drive as the clock struck 12. He is way better than I was at that age. All joking aside, he is a really good kid and I just thank the Lord that he is.

Andrew is doing great with his new schedule, he is really settling in and liking his job. I LOVE how much time he has been at home. He is getting some much needed projects done, little things we needed to do before we start on bigger projects. I am still up in the air about when to start on the kitchen. Part of me wanted to do it in April but I am having supper for the cast on Saturday between the matinee and the evening performance and I don't want to run a risk of my kitchen being torn up. I am also planning a Pampered Chef party sometime in May and would like to have at least some things finished by then. June is going to be another crazy month so if we do it, it has to be finished before the 27th of May....who knows, it doesn't look bad right now, just not the way I want it. We shall see, I may shoot to have it done by Christmas, no I'm not joking.

Well, that is the family update. I feel guilty for neglecting my blog so much lately, I really miss just writing down what is going on and I know some of our family relies on it to know what's up with us (sorry Andrew, LOL).

P.S. Thanks to those friends of mine who think our lives are exciting. Chaotic is sometimes the first word that comes to mind but you help me remember that we really do have lots to be thankful for. :-)

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