Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happenings in Our Corner of the World

Every year I think life can't go any faster, every year it does. I absolutely can't believe there is less than a week left in February. I don't even know if we can count "change" as change in our house because it seems it happens so often. The latest (and greatest) is that Andrew went back to days. Yeah, I no longer have to worry about the things that go bump in the night. Needless to say, I have slept so well lately that I have been almost hyper.

Andrew works three twelves then has three days off. Which means we can start projects again! The ugly bathroom and the kitchen are both vying for our attention--I don't know which one will win out but one or the other, I hope, will be finished by May. Probably the kitchen, as long as my tub is in by next September.

Robert is on the crunch schedule--get up, go to school, come home, homework, chores, supper, play practice, bed, rinse and repeat. He loves it, he's nuts.

And me... I'm gearing up for March. Grand Prix is the 6th, LIHEAP conference is the 8th-11th, and I start my next round of computer classes on the 30th. I was hoping to be teaching XP instead of Vista, there seems to be some problem with Toshiba in coming up with a downgrade CD. I ordered the class computers RIGHT as Vista was coming out. Six months later, Toshiba saw the writing on the wall and came out with a downgrade CD, unfortunately it is for the model number after mine. Now I am really up in the air, it might actually be easier to upgrade to Windows 7. I get nervous when all my ducks aren't in a row, right now my ducks aren't even all in the same building as MASS has one of them trying to get to Toshiba to do what we want. Why can't anything just be easy???

On the truck front, Robert's fuel pump went out a couple of weeks ago, in fact, it was the first week Andrew was working days, because for the first time since he got his license, Robert had to walk to school (oh the HORROR!!)) Anyway, some weird thing nobody can explain with the push rod happened and the logical solution was to put in a racing fuel pump. So now, you have to be a boarderline NASCAR driver when you drive his truck. The first thing you do when you get in is open the little safety cap and flip the toggle switch to turn on the fuel pump. I am seeing a 5 point harness in his future too. Oh well, that's life. I told him I wanted him to go one week without telling me something his truck needs.. He was supposed to start last Saturday, I have been restarting the countdown daily.....I've come to the conclusion, it will never happen.

That's life in a nutshell, for now. I am starting to plan for vacation, hopefully memorial day weekend and the week beyond. Of course, in general "luck of my guys", I was dragging them to Memphis and Nashville. They neither one was very excited about going to Graceland, but they were going anyway. Yesterday, I went on the Graceland website. It just so happens that there is a 1,000+ car show there Memorial day weekend. Greeeeaaaattt. Our 3 hours at Graceland just turned into all day. I am learning to be more into the cars though and there seems to be plenty of other things at Graceland to see and do, it will still be fun and it will make the guys happy about going to visit Elvis.

That's about it for now.

Happy Wednesday!

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