Wednesday, February 3, 2010

God ALWAYS knows what's best

A friend of mine asked on facebook this morning, "How do you handle extreme disappointment". It was kinda the final straw in the "God wants me to tell somebody about this" category.

It is so hard to remember, when we are wanting something, that God is doing what is best for us, even if we don't see it. This has been happening at our house over the past several years, in particular, to Andrew.

Andrew has worked for Walmart for 25 1/2 years. When we first got married and he was 27, they were promising the world on a silver platter--if you will go on the road and do remodels for a year, you can have any store you want. Well, we got married, I got pregnant, our priorities changed and he asked to come off the road. Then, the story was, you go to Pennsylvania for a year and we will give you any store you want. We were in PA for 20 months, my mom started having health problems and Andrew asked to come home. After much red tape, we got to come to Pontiac IL. We had done what we needed to do, not what Walmart wanted us to do. So began what we felt like was "punishment" for not doing the Walmart way.

A couple of good things have happened though, more valuable to me at least, than a promotion. The biggest one being getting to come home to Jasper county. I love our life here and am just glad we get to be here. Andrew is a typical male though and believes self-worth is shown in things like promotions.

For the past several years, Andrew has put in for several promotions to the marketing team. This is a group of people that are basically like district managers over different areas. The auto shop, electronics, etc. He never understood why he couldn't get one of these positions.

Last week, we understood perfectly. Throughout Walmart, many, many, many of these marketing team members jobs were cut. Just done away with. They basically have a month to scramble around and find a Walmart SOMEPLACE that needs them and then basically, there are no guarantees to what the job is, or for that matter the pay.

Andrew was thanking God last week for what he had previously seen as "unanswered prayer". It has taken literally years to understand what was going on but it was so very clear that God knows the end of each path that we take and we are still just amazed at how He protected us through this.

I grew up going through a lot of big disappointments in my life, there were so many things I had to question and now, I know to live each day to it's fullest, without regrets and try to do what God is wanting me to do. I think Robert was about 6 the first time he asked me why I did something and I said, "If I would die tonight, I don't want you to say, "I wish Mom would have...." Taking what God says isn't always easy, but it IS always right. If you are going through disappointment right now, God will show you why down the His time.

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