Friday, January 22, 2010

Robert Browning as Uncle Henry

The results are posted! Jacob had this down so well on facebook that I just copied and pasted. Thanks Jacob! You made my job easy!! Of course I had to edit it to put Jacob back in.

Jenna Zuber and Kerstine Kerner got Dorothy, Jared Britton got Lion, Danny Cast got Scarecrow, Jacob Sainer and Landon Rauch got double cast as Tin Man, Luke Bloomberg got the Wizard, Robert and Danny Weishaar got double cast as Uncle Henry, Rachel Bratsch is Aunt Em, Kristen Shackman and Lisa Frichtl got double cast as the Wicked Witch, and finally......Taryn and Jamie Mahaffey got double cast as Glinda.

Of course, it takes a lot of cast to put on these musicals. Congratulations to all who are getting ready to go down the yellow brick road. Once again, it will be a trip to remember the rest of your lives!

Don't forget, the musical is Thursday, April 15th; Friday, April 16th; Saturday, April 17th (x2); and Sunday afternoon, April 18th. There will be dinner theater before the Friday and Saturday evening performances.

Wow, do you know that I now only have one more time to post about what Robert is doing in the high school musical? Next year is going to be an absolute killer for me!

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