Friday, January 1, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New

Happy 2010 everyone! I spent a little time looking through last year's posts and reflecting on some of the things that were happening in our lives.

Robert has had such a big year, he was in two musicals, is learning to play yet another instrument (Tuba)made it to All-state (the end of this month) and the big one, got his truck running. There have been so many things in between that I can't even think of all of them. All in all, I am so very proud of who he is becoming. I have to tell you, so many of my friends have little ones and I am jealous that my little one grew up so fast but he continues to amaze me just like he did when he took that first step, or rode a bike for the first time, or brought home a perfect paper from school.

Andrew had lots of projects this year, mainly on the jeep and helping Robert on the El Camino. I am hoping for some remodeling projects this year that had been put on hold while they were working on the truck. Hopefully, next year I can look back and "reflect" on my Old Ugly back bathroom, and my kitchen that is in dire need of a paint job, new countertops and maybe even new tile. We shall see.

I spent so much time traveling this year! I used to dread it, now I get enthused about the opportunities it brings me. I guess the highlight of my travels this year have been standing 5 feet from Governor Quinn as he put our LIHEAP program back under the umbrella it belongs under (moved by Blago to benefit his college roommate) and going to Lexington. We are hoping to get to go to the National Energy Assistance Director's Association conference in San Antonio this summer. We went to Denver for this two years ago and I came home very excited about everything I learned. I should know in the next few weeks if this is a go or not.

I know we lost a bunch of famous celebraties and characters this year. There were a few that left a bigger hole than others. Bea Arthur, I remember not being old enough to supposed to understand Maude, but man I loved her! Maude would speak her mind and though it may cut a bit, she told it like it was. She was just as great in the Golden Girls and I still watch reruns any chance I get. Patrick Swayze, what would the world have been without him? And, on top of being a stellar actor, I have admired the fact that he has never been in the scandal sheets for all the typical stuff actors do. He loved his wife til the day he died and he would tell anybody that. Who didn't dream of being Baby though? I liked Roadhouse, and Ghost, but there is just something about Dirty Dancing that always stops me in my tracks. They told on the news last night that Val Kilmer was up for the part of Johnnie Castle, I thought I would be sick, Patrick Swayze WAS Johnnie Castle--end of story. Also, though he did a lot of questionable things, Michael Jackson was very clearly one of the icons of my growing up years, I thought it fitting yesterday, when watching one of the tributes of those we lost in 2009-- some said singer behind their names. Michael Jackson's said "Entertainer"-- that he was at least in the mid '80's.

I know 2009 held some terrible times for lots of people, fortunately for our family, it wasn't our year. Last year, I had made the comment that I was glad to start 2009 because 2008 had been hairy in some ways. I think 2009 has been one of the smoothest years we have had in a while, I hope and pray 2010 remains the same.

So, Happy 2010 everyone, may it bring you joy, peace, happiness and love.

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Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Dirty Dancing, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.