Monday, January 11, 2010

Back in the Groove

It's time for the Browning family to get busy again and get back in our normal "not crazy but should be" life. I have to admit, it has been really nice having a slower pace for a while. We are so backwards. Usually Christmas is a crazy time of year for everyone and it is when life slows down just a little for us. Now January has hit and the calendar is back to filling up.

Robert has musical tryouts on the 21st and leaves for All-State on the 27th, of course, it is pep band season so throw playing at a few ballgames into the mix. He knows his Saturday's are numbered because Musical practice starts the first week in February and that normally consists of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. He loves this though. He gets cabin fever when he has to stay home, he would rather just be with his friends. He usually does a better job of keeping his grades up during musical that any other time of year. He's a little like his Mama, the more he has to do, the more he can get done. He is also still doing really well after his teeth surgery.

He has spent the snow days working on the El Camino (and the jeep). The El Camino needed new parts in the steering, he got those put on Friday. Thursday, he put a new hub assembly on the jeep. This was on the driver's side, he and his dad had put the other side on last weekend. When they got that done, they realized they are still hearing a bearing going out. So, the jeep is still on jacks in the garage. Somehow, they can put it back together so it is drivable, just no 4 wheel drive and hopefully Robert can take it to school Thursday for shop day and get the new bearings pressed on. When this is done, the jeep will have had a entire front end overhaul.

Andrew goes back to days on the 23rd. We are really excited about this. It will still be a big change as the new program calls for them working 12 hour shifts, 3 days in a row, then having 3 days off. He will work 8-8 so three days he will be gone all day but still be home in time to go to bed. I am really happy about that, as is Robert. For the past year, when I have thought something was wrong, I would get Robert up to go see about it. I know, Good Mom, huh? Well, he is in better shape, can run faster, hit know? And he's a guy, just training him for that day in the future when his wife wakes him up and says "I think there's someone in the living room".

Last year at this time I had spent a week in Springfield and had another trip scheduled, this year, there aren't even any on the calendar. Because of the demise of Windows Vista, I am having to do a lot of revamping on the classes I teach. I have 11 laptops that need downgraded to XP as well as I have to find new textbooks. Hopefully we will start our first class of the year in March.

We had our first family meeting of the year last night, lots of plans, usually we get about a third of what we want to accomplished but as long as we know where we are heading we are doing good.

Happy Monday!

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