Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pics from Kansas City FINALLY!!!

Our view from our hotel room

The Stuart Hall sign that, in December 1983, shown through an Amtrak train window, as we were parked there on our way to march in the Rose Bowl Parade. Things like this sure give me time to reflect, remember and appreciate all that my life has been.

Andrew at the Aquarium, our "date night" amid my conference.

THE BEST FOOD IN KANSAS CITY (and it wasn't BBQ!) The Jerusalem Cafe, where, as we found out, one of Andrew's long lost cousins works!

Andrew and Grandma Virginia at the Walt Disney Museum in Marceline MO.

Love this picture, she always wants to go someplace when we come, this was just about 15 minutes away and just right.

We ran out and snapped a picture, the tree is dead (and a grandson came and planted "the son of the Dreaming tree on the land)  but it was what Walt Disney called his "dreaming tree" The Tree of Life at Disney is patterned after this tree. Imagineers came to Marceline to study it.

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